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Coming soon….my year of the diva!

From wikipedia:

diva is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of prima donna.

The word entered the English language in the late 19th century. It is derived from the Italian noun diva, a female deity.  The basic sense of the term is goddess.

(My definition includes actors, playwrights, novelists and any form of artistic expression.)

Jennifer Hudson



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16 out of 24 not too bad?


Two thirds correct is better than half.

I did ok in my Oscar picks better than last year.

Congratulations to all this years Academy Award winners.

As predicted The Artist won Best Picture and another 4 awards, Martin Scorcese’s 3D Hugo took home 5 – all technical.

The big surprise (for me) was Meryl Streep winning Best Actress for The Iron Lady after a 30 year absence – her 3rd Oscar (she gave a terrific speech – a class act). Not her greatest performance but a good caricature of Margaret Thatcher – sad that Viola Davis missed out, glad that Octavia Spencer grabbed gold for supporting actress in The Help. 

Golden lady of the night – Meryl Streep in a Lanvin gown.

Thrilled that Aussie lad Kirk Baxter won his 2nd oscar for co-editing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – he must love his boss David Fincher after winning last year for The Social Network.

Aussie golden boy Kirk Baxter with his co-winner Angus Wall.

Glenn Close joins the record books (most actress losses – 6) and so does Christopher Plummer now the oldest Oscar winner (well deserved).

I enjoyed Billy Crystal and his banter, the jokes worked for me even if a tad tired. Loved the Wizard Of Oz target audience send-up from Chirstopher Guest’s gang.

The outrage for me was the late costume designer Eiko Ishioka not being in the “in memoriam” section – she has won an Oscar (for Bram Stoker’s Dracula), yet was forgotten – how did Steve Jobs make the cut??? I predict Eiko will be up for an award next year for the upcoming Mirror Mirror, and win!

Julia Roberts in an Eiko creation for the new film “Mirror Mirror”

Talking about next years Oscars – expect a post soon on Bab’s super early predictions!!!


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We want Billy, we got Billy…..

…. he’s our kind of a guy, and ooh what luck  ’cause here he is.

Did Babs put out a hex on the Oscar ceremony planned for 2012?

Once it was announced that Brett Ratner was to co-produce and Eddie Murphy was to host, well,  you couldn’t stop the complaining, even going out on a limb to say that it would be a ceremony far worse than this years in Feb co-hosted by James Franco & Anne Hathaway – and that is saying something.

Anyway as we all know by now, stupid Brett Ratner made a gay slur in an interview and all hell broke loose, he resigned from the gig and his “host without the most” soon followed – good riddance I say! And to add salt to the wound the pair’s new movie “Tower Heist” is performing poorly at the US box office.

A campaign to have “The Muppets” be the replacement host came about but then in stepped the ever reliable (and very good at the gig) Billy Crystal, announced to host his 9th ceremony. This all happened within a week so now the Academy can take a well deserved valium and get on with the job of producing – hopefully, a good show. I would bet easy money that the Muppets will be in there somewhere, well I hope they are, I do love them and am looking forward to seeing their new movie at the end of the year.

I thought it would be interesting to look at a few past Oscar ceremony hosts and hostesses.

1. Bob Hope, the grand master of the ceremony hosting a record 19 ceremonies.

2. Billy Crystal follows the lead with a total of 8 ceremonies which will soon become 9.

3. Johnny Carson hosted 5

4. Jack Lemmon  x 4

5. Whoopi Goldberg brilliantly hosted 4

and hosting 3 times a piece

6. Conrad Nagel

7. Jerry Lewis

8. David Niven

9. Steve Martin

and in the past decade we have seen

10. Chris Rock

11. Jon Stewart (twice)

12. Ellen DeGeneres

13. Hugh Jackman

14. Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin

15. James Franco & Anne Hathaway

Lets keep our fingers crossed for next years ceremony and hope it will be a wonderful night for Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! with Billy on board there sure is a hell of a chance.

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Bring on the fried chicken…..

For those of you who may know Babs on a personal level, there is quite an obsession with food on film representation.

Recently (before his sojourn to Vietnam to experience amazingly fresh food that has also become an obsession) Babs watched 2 filmed projects that sparked off an obsession for fried chicken US style.

1. I saw the HBO mini-series “Mildred Pierce” starring the brilliant Kate Winslet in her Emmy award winning role as the chicken frying/waffle making shameful mom of a conceited daughter, kudos to Guy Pearce for his Emmy win also, and the rest of the sublime cast – Mare Winningham, Evan Rachel Wood, Melissa Leo, Brian F. O’Byrne….. directed by a great favorite of mine Todd Haynes. But I digress…there was a sequence where Mildred prepared her famous fried chicken and i just salivated all over the TV screen. thank god for spray’n’wipe!!

2. I also saw the hit US film “The Help”, a very successful Hollywood adaptation of a book about “coloured” maids and their experiences in the 50’s amongst the priveleged white folk, it is very commercial, but in a spot on way that deserves the success it has achieved. Great performances by all, especially Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain. it also featured a chicken frying sequence that had me drooling once again.

So Babs googled and perused until he was happy with the fitting recipe to fry up the chicken for himself.

Here are the results….. sorry for the copious amounts of mashed potato, but it is an American meal after all.

Oh and by the way, I was thrilled that production designer  Mark Friedberg won the Emmy for Mildred Pierce, he is so brilliant, the day he wins an Oscar will be a thrill to Babs –  will celebrate with a Southern fried chicken meal thats for sure.


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Pee Wee wants an Emmy

Taking a leaf out of Oscar winner Melissa Leo’s book, Pee Wee Herman has donned a fur coat on his quest to win an Emmy for his HBO special – The Pee Wee Herman Show On Broadway.

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Oscar dud

All I can say is the Oscars this year were the worst ever – in my own opinion.

The horror of Kirk Douglas feeling up Melissa Leo would have to be the lowest of the low point. Melissa Leo full stop!!!!

So disappointed Annette Bening did not win 😦

Disappointed for Jacki Weaver, happy for Hollywood producers with vision (think beyond the pigeonhole) – Jacki is a great dramatic actress & also a fine comedienne – if Neil Simon was still productive in the film scene she would be a fine Simonesque female lead. I yearn for the Simon years to return, alas it seems that Judd Apatow is amongst us now 😦

Appalled by Hathaway & Franco as Oscar hosts – what were they thinking? The doomsayers were spot on. The whole Oscar show was amateurish!! Imagine having all that money and resources and you get cheap and tacky!

I dreamed a dream – I was watching a smart witty and funny screen comedy starring the combo of Bening & Weaver. Isn’t Hollywood the stuff of dreams? – tell that to the Oscars next year, please no more Oscar nightmare for me.

BTW Melissa Leo – to take out a tacky trade ad promoting oneself and passing it off that women of your age are not getting those magazine covers.This has not happened since the days of Bette Davis – get a reality check. Then to spout out the fuck word for pure sensationalism (in my own opinion) at the Oscars, my you are a classy lady. But you won the Oscar in the age of reality tv and sensationalism – good on ya.





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Melissa as mutton?

Best Supporting Actress nominee Melissa Leo (The Fighter)  has personally paid for Oscar campaign ads in the trade mags and websites to boost her chances!

And they are very try hard glam pics, mutton dressed up as lamb type shots. (no offense to Melissa but I am sure I have offended)

I like Melissa Leo as an actress very much, perhaps the awards frenzy brings out a side of a person that we, as mere mortals, cannot comprehend?

Her reasoning is that she was frustrated that she has not been able to land magazine covers due to her age – 50. She blames ageism. As a hard working respectable actress does she require covers on magazines? Does she have to be considered box office? Bette Davis suffered for years the same kind of dilemma, get over it, it has been going on for ages, as old as Hollywood itself. Don’t try and pull the wool over Bab’s eyes baby.


I smell a snake in the grass – she wants Oscar Gold real bad. I also smell a whiff of the Sally Kirklands – Oscar nominee for “Anna” back in 1987, she seems as mad as a cut snake – in my own opinion of course. Actually as I am writing this post I am thinking that Miss Leo may become another Sally Kirkland type oddity and there hasn’t been one in quite a while – whatever happened to Sean Young? Hollywood needs in your face mad people I think.

As for our Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom), she is a class act, and would never pull a stunt like this. (aged 63 and not complaining) I just hope she wears a glamour frock on the night – forget the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi! thing tho – she has a chance to wear Westwood, or Armani, or anyone other than Alex Perry.


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