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Coming soon….my year of the diva!

From wikipedia:

diva is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of prima donna.

The word entered the English language in the late 19th century. It is derived from the Italian noun diva, a female deity.  The basic sense of the term is goddess.

(My definition includes actors, playwrights, novelists and any form of artistic expression.)

Jennifer Hudson



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Animal Kingdom being developed for the small screen.

I was very pleased to read that that great Australian film “Animal Kingdom” is on the cards to be developed as a TV series for Showtime. I love this movie, one of the best Aussie flicks ever. I am thrilled that writer/director David Michod and producer par excellence Liz Watts are on board as executive producers, sure to maintain the films integrity.

The 2010 film – a crime drama focused on a family of criminals and their battle with the police and the innocents who got caught in the middle. It was a multiple award winner and scored a best supporting actress nomination Oscar for it’s matriarch – Jacki Weaver (robbed!!!!!)

I like the concept of a TV adaptation but it will be a challenge to recreate the mood of the original on a week by week  basis. I can’t wait to see who will land the role of the mamma of the clan. If they choose the right cast, writers and directors it is sure to be a winner. I do hope it comes to fruition. Fingers crossed.

The lovely Liz Watts, Animal Kingdom’s producer.

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Sneak peek – Jacki Weaver

Here are a couple of screen grabs from the just released trailer for the new Universal pictures film “The Five year Engagement”. It is the first Hollywood film and first screen appearance for Jacki Weaver since her Oscar nominated turn in “Animal Kingdom”. It look likes she plays the mother of Emily Blunt’s character

It also stars Jason Segel and will be released in Australia on May 17. It comes from the production stable of Judd Apatow of which I am not a fan, but I am sure to go and see this one, because of  Jacki whom I adore.


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Oscar dud

All I can say is the Oscars this year were the worst ever – in my own opinion.

The horror of Kirk Douglas feeling up Melissa Leo would have to be the lowest of the low point. Melissa Leo full stop!!!!

So disappointed Annette Bening did not win 😦

Disappointed for Jacki Weaver, happy for Hollywood producers with vision (think beyond the pigeonhole) – Jacki is a great dramatic actress & also a fine comedienne – if Neil Simon was still productive in the film scene she would be a fine Simonesque female lead. I yearn for the Simon years to return, alas it seems that Judd Apatow is amongst us now 😦

Appalled by Hathaway & Franco as Oscar hosts – what were they thinking? The doomsayers were spot on. The whole Oscar show was amateurish!! Imagine having all that money and resources and you get cheap and tacky!

I dreamed a dream – I was watching a smart witty and funny screen comedy starring the combo of Bening & Weaver. Isn’t Hollywood the stuff of dreams? – tell that to the Oscars next year, please no more Oscar nightmare for me.

BTW Melissa Leo – to take out a tacky trade ad promoting oneself and passing it off that women of your age are not getting those magazine covers.This has not happened since the days of Bette Davis – get a reality check. Then to spout out the fuck word for pure sensationalism (in my own opinion) at the Oscars, my you are a classy lady. But you won the Oscar in the age of reality tv and sensationalism – good on ya.





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An Oscar Feast

I like to choose the food for my Oscar party to relate to the nominated best pictures. now that there is an annoying 10 nominees it has become a feast!

Here is my menu for this year……

127 Hours & Winter’s Bone – Marinated Chicken Drumettes (bone exposed) . Why? – well in 127 Hours he cut off his own arm/drummette, and in Winter’s Bone they skin a squirrel, chicken is the best bet, should I serve the drumette with a tomato based, blood like sauce?

The Social Network – Frat Boy food, I guess they would like Nachos? at my party – corn chips with a delicious home made salsa & guacamole

True Grit – I wanted to make a bean & meat stew but thought it was too much, so I will group it with the Social Network as it is Tex/Mex food and Matt Damon played a Texan.

Black Swan – well a fellow party guest made a brilliant suggestion and is making an over the top pink frosting cake, or cupcakes, a tribute to Barbara Hershey’s momma’s creation which she almost binned. Thank you SS x

The King’s Speech – I am planning on Gin jelly shots, a tribute to the Queen mum (played brilliantly by Helena Bonham Carter), as we all know, the Queen mum loved her gin, and a bet on the horses!

The Kids Are All Right – another Oscar party guest is making an organic LA food inspired salad (I am excited to taste this one), based on the fact that Mark Ruffalo’s character owned and ran a trendy LA Organic restaurant. Thanks Doris!

Toy Story 3 – a bowl of gummy bears will suffice. 3 packets as I bet they are popular.

Inception – I will design my own cocktail, as it is MY dream in MY head, I plan to add an architectural touch to the design of the cocktail. I smell a bloody mary, celery has a strong sense of design, don”t you think?

Gin shots and bloody marys! oi voi!

The Fighter – well I am obsessed with perfecting the perfect Cauliflower cheese, so be it!

Cauliflower ears from boxing – get it?

My dear friend Liz Watt’s will be in the audience cheering on our Jacki Weaver for “Animal Kingdom”.

So the “Animal Kingdom” Oscar dish?  I think it is well covered with chicken drumettes , and tomato sauce blood.

It is sure to be a fun night, I hope we don’t all vomit by the end.

Pictures to be posted after the fact.


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So damn happy!

I am so thrilled for Jacki Weaver and her Oscar nomination today – Best Supporting Actress for “Animal Kingdom”. She deserves it so much.

This was one of her reactions

“I’m elated to the point of euphoria. I feel like I’m in a walking dream,” she said of her supporting actress nom for “Animal Kingdom. “I’m so relieved that all those millions of Australians who wanted me to get this nomination aren’t disappointed. Happy Australia Day.”


It is a very good showing this year  for all the Aussie nominees walking the red carpet with Jacki.

Geoffrey Rush – Supporting Actor in “The King’s Speech” (His fourth nomination, he has won once for “Shine”)

Emile Sherman – Producer for “The King’s Speech” – Best Film

Nicole Kidman – Actress for “Rabbit Hole” (Her third nomination, she has won once for “The Hours”)

Shaun Tan – Best Animated Short Film for “The Lost Thing”

Kirk Baxter – Editing for “The Social Network”

Ben Snow – Visual Effects for “Iron Man 2”

Aside from the thrill of the Jacki and Co. nominations I was also very happy with the showing for “The Winter’s Bone” – 4 noms (best film, actress, supporting actor & adapted screenplay) after its best film win at the Gloscars! I hope it does well at the Oscars 🙂

Very pleased that “Tron:Legacy” missed out on a nomination for Art Direction and happy that “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Pt 1” was nominated.

Pleased that “I Am Love” got a nomination for costumes, and disappointed that “Black Swan” missed out on a nom for Art Direction.

Overall no real surprises at all – unless you count Javier Bardem – Best Actor for “Biutiful” but I am sure he is deserving, he is a superb actor.

My prediction of the winners will come the week of the Oscar ceremony, which will be presented on February 27 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.




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In support of Jacki

By the time we wake up tomorrow morning we will know whether the fabulously talented Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom) will be attending the Academy Awards.

I truly believe she will get a nomination, or I will be devastated.

Will have to wait to see the nominations and all the contenders in the supporting actress category to see if she is the worthy one. So far so good.

I saw “The Fighter” on the weekend, so I can announce that I believe Jacki gives the superior performance over her rival Melissa Leo. Melissa Leo is terrific in the role of another controlling mother, but subtle and surprising it is not!  It is a showy role and I believe will earn her the Oscar but I am not so happy about that. A couple of years ago Miss Leo showed such restraint and compassion in her Oscar nominated role in “Frozen River”, she was brilliant. I just don’t think her performance in “The Fighter” is as good as Jacki’s. Also Amy Adams in “The Fighter” (another actress I adore) doesn’t really deserve a nom, she is good in the part, but it takes a while to adjust to her departure from previous roles, and it should have been seemless if it was that good. I have yet to see Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit” the other obstacle in Jacki’s road to Oscar glory – will report when I see it on Wednesday, the day of the nomination announcements.

Other predicted noms include Helena Bonham Carter – “The King’s Speech” (worthy for a nom, but not a win – her time will come I am certain), Julianne Moore – “The Kids Are All Right” (under the shadow of the brilliant performance from Annette Bening). This catergory often produces a surprise lets hope something or someone appears on the list as an upset, as long as it is not at Jacki’s expense.

Jacki Weaver in “Entertaining Mr. Sloane” performed in Adelaide 2010

Footnote: Christian Bale’s performance in “The Fighter” is absolutely wonderful, brave, out there, and amazing –  he will and should win the golden man for best supporting actor “The Fighter”!!!!

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The Gloscars! – The winners

Best Production Design


Best Costume Design


Best Music Score

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT for  The King’s Speech, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Ghost Writer, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Pt 1.

Best Cinematography


Best Supporting Actress ( a TIE – oh dear!)

The mothers from hell….



my campaign for Jacki unfortunately due to the  Australian release date of Precious puts her up against Mo’nique… so it had to be a tie. Mo’nique won the Oscar, Jacki will too!

Best Supporting Actor


Best Actress


Best Actor


Best Screenplay


©Chris Pizello

Best Direction


© Tina Gill

Best Film


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The Jacki & Judy show.

After the excitement of Jacki Weaver’s triumphant win at the AFI awards I am beside myself that she is doing so well with the American critics. Years ago I predicted Geoffrey Rush would do well with “Shine” and we know how well that went. Tomorrow’s Golden Globe nominations announcement will surely confirm that the divine Jacki will be confirmed for an Oscar nom…..and I predict – a win!  Now for a future prediction………if the juggernaut of critics and film fans have true taste and cannot ignore performance greatness, the release of Fred Schepisi’s film version of Nobel prize winning author, Patrick White’s “The Eye Of The Storm” next year will gain attention due to the truly brilliant and great actress Judy Davis….mark my words, you heard it first. A performance that cannot and will not be ignored, if I have my way.

Go Jacki !, Go Judy !

Judy Davis in “The Eye Of The Storm” photo: Matt Netheim

Jacki Weaver performing in “Steel Magnolias”, an acclaimed stage actress, her performance as Ouisa Kittredge in “Six Degrees Of Separation” was sublime!


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the “Ozcars” are announced next weekend

The Australian Film Institute awards (our own Oscars?) will be presented this coming Friday & Saturday night at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre. Friday night is the “Industry” awards in which feature film technicians, non feature films, and some TV award winners are announced. The following night is the main ceremony. Both nights will be hosted by Shane (Kenny) Jacobsen, Channel 9 is televising the main ceremony on Saturday night at 9.30pm.

Leading the pack in feature film nominations is “Animal Kingdom” with a record breaking 18 – with at least one nomination in each category it is eligible for. I expect it to scoop the pool (unlike the tragic IF awards)  Jacki Weaver * MUST & WILL win in her category of Best Actress for her stunning performance in the film. I can’t wait to see the lovely producer of AK, Liz Watts finally up at the podium  🙂 I won’t go thru my list of predictions as I don’t really care – apart from the AK sweep.

The other films in contention for Best film are:






I will be attending the craft awards as the date of a lovely lady but will not attend the main ceremony, although I am going to the party after to celebrate with my AK mates. So expect an AFI post some time on the weekend – late Sunday night I fear! All the glamour and glitz will be reported first hand and Babs will blab (within reason). I will air my gripes on the winners and losers, most probably with a sore head and a blurry memory. Time to party……

*Note: As Babs has been predicting since day one, Jacki Weaver has received the best supporting actress award from the National Board Of Review, the first of the US critics awards to be handed out, expect more to come for Jacki – that’s for sure.



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