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Sneak peek – Jacki Weaver

Here are a couple of screen grabs from the just released trailer for the new Universal pictures film “The Five year Engagement”. It is the first Hollywood film and first screen appearance for Jacki Weaver since her Oscar nominated turn in “Animal Kingdom”. It look likes she plays the mother of Emily Blunt’s character

It also stars Jason Segel and will be released in Australia on May 17. It comes from the production stable of Judd Apatow of which I am not a fan, but I am sure to go and see this one, because of  Jacki whom I adore.



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off the mark!

Film Review:


It is a real shame when you go and see a movie and it doesn’t hit the mark. Of course it happens all the time, but when the cast is full of actors you like and they are not done well by the finished product I find it frustrating, annoying and unforgivable!

I guess on paper it sounds ok.

An aging solitary assassin who lives to please his mother and the memory of his late father finds himself unable to hit his latest target – a beautiful con woman. His furious client dispatches a second assassin to bump them both off. A love/hate relationship develops between the two. The film is a remake of a 1993 French film –  “Cible emouvante”.

In the tradition of the old English Ealing comedy/caper flicks this particular film doesn’t work. Why? In my own opinion it is just plain badly directed (by Jonathan Lynn of TV’s Yes Minister fame) Clunky editing, average production design (costumes don’t fair much better) and really weird pauses aiming for a laugh – it just doesn’t add up, an incoherent mess!

Bill Nighy plays the hitman, Emily Blunt the victim, and Rupert Grint plays a sidekick/apprentice he picks up on the way. Rupert Everett is the pissed off art collector who wants her dead. Eileen Atkins plays the proud mum. The acting is fine – Nighy has some nice nuanced moments, Blunt is charming and very naughty, Grint just does the same old Harry Potter schtick he is known for, and Atkins chews the scenery the best she can. A good cast in a not so good movie.

The English have been churning out average comedies of late (think “Driving Lessons” – unforgivable making Julie Walters seem average!) hoping for the next “Full Monty” or “Four Weddings And A Funeral” (even though I am not a fan of those films they were mega hits a long time ago), they have such a good pool of acting talent to fill out the casts. I just wish they had better material and directors.

I am not saying avoid the movie, if you like the cast you will enjoy moments, I just don’t think it should be a cinema release movie – straight to DVD if I had my say – it opens in Australian cinemas on Thursday this week.

The gorgeous Emily Blunt.

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