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Betty visits Carrie.

Betty Buckley the Tony winning Broadway diva who played Carrie’s mom in the original Broadway flop-turned-cult-musical (she was also the gym teacher , Miss Collins in the movie version) went to see the new revisited off-Broadway revival. She liked it but called it a PG. version of the original. I love Betty and I love Carrie too.

A couple of my New Yorker friends have seen it and have given it the thumbs up with a few reservations, it’s not the dog one expected but also not the misunderstood masterpiece, overall it seems it’s a good night at the musical theatre.

pic by Jenny Anderson/Broadway.com

Betty Buckley, center, with Molly Ranson, left, who plays Carrie, and Marin Mazzie, who plays Carrie’s mother.


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Creepy Carrie

Various images of my favorite heroine – Carrie.

Sissy Spacek the original film Carrie.

Linzi Hateley in Carrie The Musical, with Betty Buckley

The finale of Carrie the musical

The Rage: Carrie 2 – Emily Bergl

Angela Bettis in the TV remake of Carrie

The graphic for Carrie the musical

Babs as Carrie – Sydney Mardi Gras


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