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And the Oscar doesn’t go to…..

The Artist is a film that I enjoyed but I didn’t really understand all the awards attention it garnered including the Best Picture Oscar.

I thought I would look back at some other films (from the 70’s till today) that won the top award, and in my opinion did not deserve the honour.


ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (it was the year of Nashville – need I say more?)


ROCKY (same year as Taxi Driver)


ORDINARY PEOPLE (same year as Raging Bull)


GANDHI (Tootsie was a gem that year)


DANCES WITH WOLVES  (Marty loses again with Goodfellas)


FORREST GUMP (bests Pulp Fiction)


THE ENGLISH PATIENT (how can one ever forget Fargo)


A BEAUTIFUL MIND (the year of Gosford Park)


CRASH (crashed the party for Brokeback Mountain)


THE KING’S SPEECH (when is Fincher’s turn? – the year of The Social Network)


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Beatty’s back.

After a long hiatus Hollywood lothario Warren Beatty is planning to get back behind & in front of the camera for a new film – he last appeared in a movie back in 2001 (the flop “Town & Country”) and last directed back in 1998 with the political satire “Bulworth”. He is also writing the screenplay & producing.

He is planning the movie with Paramount Pictures who are keeping the details under wraps. Deadline.com’s Mike Fleming has reported today that he has heard that Beatty will play Howard Hughes, apparently it is not a true biopic and part of the plot involves Hughes having an affair with a younger woman in the later years of his life. The subject of Howard Hughes has been a longtime pet project for Beatty. He also reported that Beatty has his eyes on a top ensemble cast and is meeting with Andrew Garfield, Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening, Shia La Beouf, Jack Nicholson, Evan Rachel Wood and Rooney Mara. Guess he has to plan his meeting with Annette Bening real hard she must be difficult to get hold of!!!!!  Alec Baldwin’s name on the list  is intriguing, he co-starred in  Martin Scorsese’s  Howard Hughes movie The Aviator, in that film Baldwin played Hughes’ main adversary, Pan Am World Airways founder Juan Trippe. I am sure we will be hearing a lot about the casting and talent to be involved in the film. The movie is expected to go into production later in the year. Beatty & Paramount have not yet made an official announcement regarding the subject or casting.

Beatty (aged 74) won an Oscar for directing the brilliant film “Reds”.

Howard Hughes in 1961 one of the last known photographs of the mogul who died in 1976

Warren Beatty in hunkier times!!

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Spidey x 2

Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighbourhood Spiderman…..

Broadway Spidey.

Opening night delayed again, for a full month, top earner in previews this week, it is not a “Carrie-esque” flop, perhaps the “Titanic” of the musical theater, as in, remember the doomsayers who predicted James Cameron’s film “Titanic” was going to be the biggest movie flop ever, yet became the biggest hit of its time!

The broken limbs, free falls ending in the hospital, replacement leading lady hit by a flying cable….oh the marketing dream!  Disaster pays!

Believe me, a flood sells a million newspapers and TV coverage.

A disastrous Broadway musical, possible flop, then possible hit, has me on the edge of my seat, hoping Spiderman lands at my feet or crashes on my face and I am the centre of attention in the papers, believe me the audience are there to see the results, good or bad.

Will be interesting if, when it opens, and it is in shape, and the doomsayers drop off, and then it flops…..we will have to wait to see the outcome…..

All for a comic book creation (not!),  the mind boggles. – well at least mine does 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hoping for disaster, actually, I adore Julie Taymor’s visionary approach to everything, I want it to be a hit. Not that I care for the Spidey character, I just wanna see the visuals I know Julie can create, and if it is a success we can witness more of her visionary brilliance.

Go Julie!

Reeve Carney…Broadway & Julie T’s Spidey….hmmmmm, maybe, must trust Julie T.

Spidey reboot.

I am also interested in the new Spiderman movie reboot….Andrew Garfield, nominated for a Golden Globe for the brilliant “The Social Network” is the new Peter Parker, and he can pick my pecker (not pickled – unlike me! ) anytime. So for someone not interested in the Spidey it is very annoying that interesting people are involved in Spidey projects across all mediums.

Andrew Garfield (so hot!!) & Emma Stone (love her) the new stars of the Spidey movie reboot – good luck spunks!

Damn you Julie T, Andrew Garfield, and previously Sam Raimi, I don’t like arachnids much! But happy to see what you have in your future webs.




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Oscar Buzz – Best Supporting Actor

Christian Bale – The Fighter.

Long overdue for award recognition in my own opinion. Playing the crack addict brother of boxer Mark Wahlberg, Bale once again has physically transformed to create the character (he did the same in “The Mechanist”). Since the film was seen last week all the attention is leading to a nom for Bale who overshadows Wahlberg.

Andrew Garfield – The Social Network.

English actor Andrew Garfield impresses as the betrayed best friend of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Soon to be seen as the new Spiderman in a reboot of the series, Garfield also appears this year in the English ensemble drama “Never Let Me Go”, he is certainly making his mark and hopefully the Academy will acknowledge his impressive performance here. Ain’t bad on the eye too!

Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech.

© the Weinstein company

Previous Oscar winner Rush seems perfectly cast in this role. As an Aussie actor not doing well in his chosen career he becomes the speech therapist to the stuttering King Of England. Rush is always good when the role requires a big serving of ham. He will certainly be riding the gravy train that this film is providing for many.

Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right.

Mark Ruffalo is another long deserved actor to hopefully gain some Academy recognition. He lost out on a nomination for his excellent turn in “You Can Count On Me” his breakthrough role. As the carefree sperm donor to the uptight lesbians he lays on all the charm and sex appeal required to woo audiences. Perhaps not enough dramatic gravitas to actually win, but I am sure he will join his co-stars in being nominated at least.

Ed Harris – The Way Back.

If there is a veteran award on offer then hand it to Ed Harris. He has been up for an award 4 times in the past. He is always reliable to give a great and honest performance and may be in with a very good chance of winning. Playing a tough-as-nails American who escapes with a motley group from a Russian Gulag. Director Peter Weir steered him to a nomination in “The Truman Show”  – perhaps he will help him find his way to the podium this time.

John Hawkes  – Winter’s Bone.

A character actor who has appeared in many good films over the years. Hawkes is both frightening and compassionate in this role as the uncle with a meth addiction warning the distraught heroine hunting for her missing dad to be careful. I expect he may not make it to the nom selection he sure deserves to be there and even win!


Justin Timberlake – The Social Network.

Sam Rockwell – Conviction.


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With friends like these…….

Film Review:


A film about a computer nerd with dubious social skills who created the internet sensation known as Facebook hardly seems riveting. Believe me it is, and more so.

An exhilarating movie experience, a story told simply and effectively, at once topical and epic in scope.

At the centre of the film is an anti-hero protagonist that is very unlikeable yet he is mesmerizing, no mean feat to pull off.

Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac) with assured bravado, and with a fine screenplay by Aaron Sorkin (creator of West Wing) the film delivers on every level.

Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is a computer nerd attending Harvard University, and in a whiz-bang pre credit scene we see him in conversation with his girlfriend Erica (Rooney Mara), he is being an asshole and she dumps him. This leads to him going back to his dorm pissed off and frustrated. He starts up a site that rates girls in the campus according to their “hotness”. It causes a sensation crashing the Harvard computer system. Of course he is caught and reprimanded, this catches the attention of a couple of elite students who enlist him to help start up a new exclusive social network site. Zuck leads them on and creates his own on the side. With the financial help of his roommate and best friend, Eduardo Severin (Andrew Garfield) he creates Facebook. The rest is history.

The story unfolds with a flashback structure during a couple of hearings in which he is being sued by both his best friend and the college jocks he deceived. This way we get to see all points of view in the story and I guess prevents litigation against the filmmakers.

Director Fincher draws out excellent performances and avoids bogging the film down with too much computer screen action which could easily have been done. Every now and then he zips up scenes with his usual technical virtuosity but then reverts back to a simple way to tell the tale, this helps enormously to maintain interest and prevent one becoming bored. Aaron Sorkin’s witty screenplay has some great dialogue delivered at a quick pace, rarely seen in a mainstream studio film nowadays.

Back to the performances –  Jesse Eisenberg  as Zuckenberg has the difficult role of making this tricky character at all watchable, his cold detached look while not giving anything away inside still manages to make you care somehow. English actor Andrew Garfield (soon to be the new Spiderman) is a stand-out as the best friend and the films moral stance. Justin Timberlake as a sleazy Sean Parker- creator of Napster and the Faustian character in the saga proves he has good acting chops. Armie Hammer who plays the dual role of the identical twin jocks (handled with pure technical brilliance) is terrific and Rooney Mara as Erica makes her mark in only a few scenes – she will soon be seen as the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the American remake to be directed by Fincher. Actually everyone in the cast even down to the smallest of parts do excellent work.

As per usual in a Fincher film technically it is flawless –  editing, cinematography, music, design are all first rate.

“The Social Network”  is a truly great contemporary movie that grabs you from the first scene and never lets you down till its ending. It is by far the best mainstream movie I have seen this year. It is sure to become a classic in the vein of “All The President’s Men” and other such films of their time.

I must say I will never look at Facebook the same way now that I have a bit of insight (whether true or not) into its creation.

The film is really one that will cause a lot of debate and discussion on many issues just what I like in cinema, another reason why I rate this film highly.

NB. I was a little worried about the misogyny portrayed in the film, but then I had to remind myself that the protagonists are all young men and in context it was necessary to include.


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