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demented brides are fun…..

I am off to a wedding this weekend of a dear friend.

I do love a bride especially if a bit mad and demented.

Here are a few fabulously mad movie brides.

Bride Of Frankenstein 

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride

Mrs Havisham from Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations (d. David Lean) – jilted at the altar she never took off her dress again!!!

The Bride Of Chucky – Tiffany

Bette Midler sings “Chapel Of Love” in the concert film Divine Madness. In this sequence she also played the groom – check out the clip here

Congratulations Anna & Mark xxx



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Grey Gardens – Pure Gold

When I heard that there was to be a local Melbourne production of the Broadway musical “Grey Gardens” I became very excited. I love the documentary it is based on and was an admirer of the telemovie that starred Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange. Also I have seen a pirated copy of the Broadway show. I am a HUGE Grey Gardens fan.

But I was baffled as to who would be cast in the roles of Big Edie & Little Edie Bouvier Beale???

For those who are unaware of the story, Big Edie and her daughter Little Edie were the aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. The two women lived together at a house called Grey Gardens in the Hamptons for decades, with very little money, living in squalor and  isolation. A 1975 documentary made by David & Albert Maysles revealed the everyday lives of the codependent mother & daughter socialites, it became a cult classic and was rediscovered a few years back spawning the musical and telemovie.

In the musical the first act imagines the early years of the women and explores the reasoning behind the later years of their lives. The second act features the later years and includes the documentary makers as characters. The actress who plays Big Edie in the first act goes on to play Little Edie in the second. It is the role of a lifetime for an actress. The part of Big Edie in the second act is also a meaty part. So who has been cast you may ask?

As Little Edie we have the wonderful Pamela Rabe, arguably a first lady of the Melbourne theatre scene, and as Big Edie stage veteran and an immense talent – Nancye Hayes. Inspired casting I say – I can’t wait to see it.

The Production Company (Melbourne’s equivalent of NY’s Encores series) will present the musical at the Playhouse Theatre for 12 performances November 25 to Dec 4.

The real life Little Edie

The real Big Edie

Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange as TV’s Little Edie & Big Edie.

Pamela Rabe as Little Edie

Look!!! a Little Edie dolly 🙂

Look again!!!! a Big Edie dolly 🙂

Entrepreneur Jeannie Pratt head of The production Company who is presenting GG.


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Divine Decadence

Pink Flamingos

Image via Wikipedia

I just love Divine – the incredible creation of performer Glenn Milstead & filmmaker John Waters.

From the moment I first saw her in Female Trouble I was hooked. As slovenly Dawn Davenport it is a tour- de- force performance. From stomping on the family christmas tree to bouncing on a trampoline in full mohawk rubbing a fish all over her body – nothing was left to the imagination. Before that as Babs Johnson in Pink Flamingos there was the infamous devouring of doggy do. Who could forget poor poor Francine Fishpaw the downtrodden Baltimore housewife in Polyester – with wayward kids and a porn theatre owner for a husband. And in her final film role as Edna Turnblad, mother of hair hopper Tracy in the original Hairspray.

What a superstar, what a legend!

I am lucky to be the proud owner of a Divine cut out doll book. With illustrations by Van Smith – the talented costume and make-up designer who was the creator of Divine’s “look”.

Take a look.



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how much is that dolly in the display case?

I saw another dolly today, at an auction house. Was tempted but don’t have the cash.

Isn’t she heaven?

Could pay up to $300 at auction

On the good ship, lollypop……


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well hello sailor (doll) *wink*

Here is another doll to blab about, and I promise that it will be the last. You should be grateful I don’t still have my Farrah Fawcett, Boy George, or Michael Jackson dolls. I wish I still did 😦 . And I wont start on my cut out doll book collection. Although I am tempted to show you my Divine cut out doll. But I won’t.

It is my souvenir sailor doll.

Isn’t he cute?

This doll featured on one of the sets in the movie Triangle, a film I worked on. The psychological horror film stars Melissa George and was set on an old ocean liner.

The doll was manufactured by Norah Wellings for sale on cruise liners, hence the reason it ended up on the set of “Triangle”

A scene from Triangle featuring the sailor doll display cabinet.

Some history into the doll.

Almost all the shipping companies sold Norah Wellings products on board their ocean liners, with the main line being the range of sailor dolls featuring the name of the ship on their hatbands. It was a period of great travel – there were literally hundreds of ocean liners plying the seas between Europe and the United States – and for the majority of passengers, the trip wasn’t complete without a souvenir. The Jollyboy Sailor, which was introduced in 1929, soon became the most popular novelty doll in the Wellings catalogue. Over the years a whole range of Jollyboys were produced, in a variety of sizes, but all with the name of the Navy ship or ocean liner on the hatband and nearly all with bare feet.

The name of the ship on my doll’s hatband is “SS Orsova”.

I recommend you hire the DVD of Triangle, and see if you can spot my sailor boy.

My lost dolls 😦

I saw that this book is selling for up to $400 US.

There you go, all out of my system now.


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well hello Dolly!

A very obscure continuation of my doll posts……

Another dolly, this time Dolly Levi.

Well actually a really bad mural with a depiction of Carol Channing  in the musical “Hello Dolly”.

I chanced upon the mural when on an a(muse)ing holiday road trip last Christmas. It was the backdrop for an outdoor stage. I think it was located in Rosebud, in Victoria.

Dolly is not alone on the mural, if you look on her shoulders, it is Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe in “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” (in silhouette)!!!


Trivia Alert:

The original stage version of the musical “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” introduced Carol Channing in the role of Lorelei, the role Marilyn Monroe played in the film. Perhaps the “artist” who painted the mural was a big fan. 🙂

Carol Channing won the Tony back in 1964 for “Hello Dolly”, winning over Barbra Striesand in “Funny Girl”. Therefore Babs (the other one), is unable to be being a 100% EGOT recipient. Funnily enough, Babs (the other one),  went on to play Dolly Levi in the film version.

But wait right there.

Dolly has even more friends in the mural.

Click to enlarge.

including Madge!

and a new friend, JMB.

Just for a bit of fun, here are some reference points to share.

Carol Channing as Dolly Levi.

Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell

Carol Channing as Lorelei

Babs (the other one) as cinema’s Dolly.

Look! a Dolly doll, I want one.

There is even a chatty Carol doll.  HEAVEN!

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Oh you beautiful doll (head)

I posted a while ago about my Carol Burnett doll.

Well I have another doll to blab about. Well actually it is only a doll head, I lost the torso years ago.

This one comes with a personal story.

The Brooke Shields Doll (1982)

Years ago (1994), I was asked by a work colleague if I could help out on a telemovie being filmed in Sydney. I was unemployed at the time, and they needed someone to run for them. It was only for a day, & it payed money, so I said yes. The telemovie was called “The Seventh Floor”. It was a dreadful show, hardly redeeming, but it did import, as it’s “star”, Brooke Shields. At the time, I stumbled across a Brooke Shield’s doll, at an auction house. I put in an absentee bid for $30, and won the doll for $20, a bargain. It was in it’s original box as above, but not for long.

I was always a fan of Brooke, I loved the film “Pretty Baby“, directed by the great director Louis Malle, it created quite a controversy as Miss Shields played a child prostitute offered on a platter as a virgin, at a very young age, then of course came “The Blue Lagoon” & “Endless Love“, making her, as the doll box says, the world’s most glamourous teenager. And quite a nudie!

But I digress……

So I bought the doll, gave it to my colleague, asking for it to be signed.

I had it signed, but Brooke’s mum Teri, well she thought she had a Brooke fan in hand. I was only interested in having a signed doll. Brooke’s mum had a reputation of being the ultimate stage mum.

Actually before I go on, if you are interested, just go to Wikipedia, click on the link above.

My flatmate at the time was an assistant director on the telemovie, during that time she had a birthday celebration (Bondi Icebergs, I recall), Brooke came along, she was a lovely person, I had a good old chin wag with her, one of the most unaffected “stars” that I have met, despite her interesting history. She seemed very down to earth. We talked about the drag balls represented in the great doco “Paris Is Burning“, she had attended a few. I am sure Brooke has so many tales to tell. She was a stalwart of Studio 54. She needs to write a bio (if she hasn’t already).

She has been a teen model, child actor,movie star,  tv star, and even done well on Broadway.She has appeared with the Muppets, and is Hanna Montana’s mother. Not that easy to achieve all that 🙂

But I digress….

so I had the signed Brooke doll, in it’s original package. Well it came out of it’s package for show ‘n’ tell quite often. After a few wines, and whatever, out would trot Brooke in her pink sweater and grey wollen pants with the white boots. Much to the merriment of the moment.

One night after a Brooke appearance, we all went out to a bar for a drink. As I went to pay for a drink, I noticed a white thingy bounce out of my pocket and onto the grimy bar room floor, it was Brooke’s boot, I scurried across and picked it up, unnoticed.

So after years of merriment, eventually Brooke’s head departed from her torso, and I lost a boot, and decided I preferred the signed head, and dumped the torso.

I had an old cheese box that was a perfect fit, and Brooke has lived there ever since.

Brooke in her cheese box.

The unmistakable Brooke hair

The signed head. “To Glen, from Brooke Shields”


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Oh you beautiful doll.

Well here she is my beautiful Carol Burnett doll.

She is dressed in her famous costume from the very famous skit – Went With The Wind, from The Carol Burnett Show. In this parody of the movie Gone With The Wind, Carol appears at the top of the stairs as Scarlett O’Hara, wearing the famous dress made from the curtains. The brilliant costume designer Bob Mackie (a hero of mine) came up with the idea of keeping in the curtain rod. Sheer brilliance!

The original dress from the parody “Went With The Wind”.

Bob Mackie’s costume sketch

The dress that inspired the parody. Vivien Leigh in “Gone With The Wind”

Did you know?

Another Oscar winning Best Picture featured clothing made out of curtains.

Julie Andrews, in The Sound Of Music, made clothes for the Von Trapp children out of curtains that were being replaced.


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