Breaking news – 2011 Gloscars delayed ! ! !




Babs has decided for the first time to extend the annual movie award wrap up – “The Gloscars” for another month. Usually the cinema year is marked from Jan 1 – Dec 31 but this can sometimes make the annual awards seem dated as some films are last years Oscar winners and therefore last years news. Australian cinema releases differ from the US. By extending for another month it means that some Oscar hopefuls can end up on the Gloscar list. So from now on the cinema year will commence on Feb 1 and end on Jan 31. Not that Babs should be influenced by the end of the year award season, its just that nobody wants to be old hat, and Babs does differ from Oscar results on many occasions.

The nominations and list of eligible films (those seen by Babs in a cinema) will be announced on Feb 1 and the winners announced a week later Feb 8.

It has been quite an ok year at the cinema with some worthy films and excellent performances – I wonder if you will agree with Babs.

Stay tuned.

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