Animal Kingdom being developed for the small screen.

I was very pleased to read that that great Australian film “Animal Kingdom” is on the cards to be developed as a TV series for Showtime. I love this movie, one of the best Aussie flicks ever. I am thrilled that writer/director David Michod and producer par excellence Liz Watts are on board as executive producers, sure to maintain the films integrity.

The 2010 film – a crime drama focused on a family of criminals and their battle with the police and the innocents who got caught in the middle. It was a multiple award winner and scored a best supporting actress nomination Oscar for it’s matriarch – Jacki Weaver (robbed!!!!!)

I like the concept of a TV adaptation but it will be a challenge to recreate the mood of the original on a week by week  basis. I can’t wait to see who will land the role of the mamma of the clan. If they choose the right cast, writers and directors it is sure to be a winner. I do hope it comes to fruition. Fingers crossed.

The lovely Liz Watts, Animal Kingdom’s producer.

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