We want Billy, we got Billy…..

…. he’s our kind of a guy, and ooh what luck  ’cause here he is.

Did Babs put out a hex on the Oscar ceremony planned for 2012?

Once it was announced that Brett Ratner was to co-produce and Eddie Murphy was to host, well,  you couldn’t stop the complaining, even going out on a limb to say that it would be a ceremony far worse than this years in Feb co-hosted by James Franco & Anne Hathaway – and that is saying something.

Anyway as we all know by now, stupid Brett Ratner made a gay slur in an interview and all hell broke loose, he resigned from the gig and his “host without the most” soon followed – good riddance I say! And to add salt to the wound the pair’s new movie “Tower Heist” is performing poorly at the US box office.

A campaign to have “The Muppets” be the replacement host came about but then in stepped the ever reliable (and very good at the gig) Billy Crystal, announced to host his 9th ceremony. This all happened within a week so now the Academy can take a well deserved valium and get on with the job of producing – hopefully, a good show. I would bet easy money that the Muppets will be in there somewhere, well I hope they are, I do love them and am looking forward to seeing their new movie at the end of the year.

I thought it would be interesting to look at a few past Oscar ceremony hosts and hostesses.

1. Bob Hope, the grand master of the ceremony hosting a record 19 ceremonies.

2. Billy Crystal follows the lead with a total of 8 ceremonies which will soon become 9.

3. Johnny Carson hosted 5

4. Jack Lemmon  x 4

5. Whoopi Goldberg brilliantly hosted 4

and hosting 3 times a piece

6. Conrad Nagel

7. Jerry Lewis

8. David Niven

9. Steve Martin

and in the past decade we have seen

10. Chris Rock

11. Jon Stewart (twice)

12. Ellen DeGeneres

13. Hugh Jackman

14. Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin

15. James Franco & Anne Hathaway

Lets keep our fingers crossed for next years ceremony and hope it will be a wonderful night for Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! with Billy on board there sure is a hell of a chance.


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