In walked Julie Christie….

Memorable moments from favourite movies – I have many.

This one is from my favourite movie ever – NASHVILLE (1975), directed by the late great Robert Altman.

In this particular scene set at a local music venue many of the characters are enjoying watching a performance when in walks actress Julie Christie (in a very tiny cameo). She is playing herself (as a favour for director Altman) and is being shown around Nashville by a local publicist. She is introduced to Haven Hamilton (Henry Gibson) and watching on the sidelines is Connie White (the very funny Karen Black). As Haven is talking to Julie you notice Connie giving her a good old eyeball, checking her out big time. Julie soon leaves and Connie inquires as to who she is…….

Haven Hamilton –  What a surprise. Julie Christie.

Connie White – Who’s Julie Christie?

Haven Hamilton –  Who’s Julie Christie?  She’s a star. She’s won an Academy Award.

Connie White –  Oh!

Haven Hamilton – No, I’m not kiddin’. For one of those pictures. I don’t know which one. She’s done so many.

Connie White – Isn’t he a gem? He’s got the worst sense of humor.

Haven Hamilton – No, she’s lovely.

Connie White – Oh, come on. She can’t even comb her hair.

(In the movie you can hear a lot of background conversations very clearly due to Altman’s innovative 8 track sound system.  In this particular scene there is one voice explaining that Julie Christie  was in a movie with a lot of snow and she got off a train (Dr. Zhivago) – sets me off laughing every time. Listen carefully next time you watch this cinema masterpiece.)

Connie checks out Julie with the messy uncombed hairdo !

 I also have to mention another of my favorite Nashville moments. It is during the sequence where an accident on the freeway causes a pile up and traffic jam that has lots of characters sitting around in their vehicles waiting for the traffic to move again. Haven Hamilton and his wife Lady Pearl (Barbara Baxley) together with their son Buddy are debating the particular words from a song.

Haven – No, that song was called “Wonder, Wanda. ”

Lady Pearl – Wanda, wander’s got me bad

Haven – No… Wonder, Wanda’s got me bad, I keep travelin’

Lady Pearl – And I’m sad, Buddy, Buddy, which was it?

Buddy – I don’t really know.

Lady Pearl – Goddamn it, it was “Wanda, Wander. ”

Haven – It was “Wonder, Wanda. ”

Lady Pearl – “Wanda, Wander”! “Wanda, Wander”!

Haven – “Wonder, Wanda. ”

Lady Pearl – (screaming at the top of her voice) -What difference does it make?   It was a hit!!!!!

Such a funny moment.

“Who cares it was a hit” – the wonderful Henry Gibson & Barbara Baxley share a memorable moment.

Do you have a favorite “Nashville” moment, I’d love to know.






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6 responses to “In walked Julie Christie….

  1. Doris

    Who could forget the most irritating character ever invented??!!
    Geraldine Chaplin playing Opal from the BBC…..

    I’m wandering in a graveyard, the dead here have no crosses,nor tombstones nor wreaths to sing of their past glories- but lie in rotting decay of rusted heaps. Their innards ripped out by greedy vulturous hands. Their vast vacant skeletons sadly sighing to the sky. 
    The rust on their bodies is the colour of dried blood. 
    Dried BLood. I’m reminded of an elephants secret burial ground. 
    Something in French-  ” this valley of mystery, this essence of eeriness”???
    These cars are trying to communicate.
    Oh cars, are you trying to tell me something?

  2. Wanda

    Lily Tomlin in the gospel choir!!!!!

    • who could ever forget when Opal from the BBC spots Lily and has this to say…..
      Opal: Good Lord love a duck!
      Bud Hamilton: This is a choir… a black choir… from, uh, part of… from Fisk University here in town.
      Opal: Good Lord! The lady singing is… is she a missionary?
      Bud Hamilton: No, she’s not. She’s a gospel singer. She’s the wife of our attorney.
      Opal: I was making a documentary in Kenya… and there was this marvelous woman who was a missionary. That’s why I asked if she was a missionary. She was sensational. She was converting Kukuyos by the dozens. She was trying to convert Masais. Of course, they were hopeless. They have their own sort of religion. Look at that. That rhythm is fantastic. It’s funny… You can tell it’s come down in the genes… through ages and ages and hundreds of years, but it’s there. I mean, take off those robes and one is in… in… in darkest Africa. I can just see their naked, frenzied bodies… dancing to the beat of… Do they carry on like that in church?
      Bud Hamilton: Depends on which church you go to.
      we could go on and on with fabulous moments!

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