Catch them if you can.

Awards season will soon be upon us.

Here are a few early predictions to ponder, and try and catch if you can.

Some I have seen and some I have not, but I am shuffling off to see anon.

1. Best Supporting Actress

Jessica Chastain for “The Help”.

Jessica has landed on our screens with a wide variety of roles this year. I think this will be the one that should definitely land her a walk along the red carpet.

She stole all the scenes she appeared in and reminded me of the raw talent that Melanie Griffith used to excel in.

She has also appeared in “The Debt”, “Take Shelter” and of course “The Tree Of Life” ( a film I absolutely loathed and I want to bring back the hours I wasted seeing it) – it is likely she may get the nod for this one, she should get the nod for the most changes of dress whilst swaying around the front lawn award!!!!

2. Best Actor

Michael Shannon for “Take Shelter”.

Jessica Chastain’s co-star in a film I have yet to see, he has been getting raves for his performance as a man who has apocalyptic visions and decides to build a shelter for his family. He was nominated once before for a supporting turn in “Revolutionary Road” and is a regular on the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire”.

3. Best Supporting Actor.

Christopher Plummer for “Beginners”.

As Ewan McGregor’s widowed father who “comes out” after the death of his wife, this performance has been getting a lot of attention amongst the award pundits. The film hasn’t had the best of reviews but it seems Mr Plummer makes it worth while. It’s about time he got some reward for his stellar career.

I plan to see it this week before it disappears.

More predictions to follow soon.




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