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An engagement on Ave Q – so cute!

Avenue Q’s Same-Sex Puppets Rod and Ricky Will Tie the Knot; Engagement Photo Released (Photo) – Playblog.

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Mirren & Midler merge

So the telefilm being made about legendary music producer Phil Spector’s murder trial and his relationship with his defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden was suspended almost a week ago due to the health issues (a herniated disc apparently!) of Bette Midler who was to play Baden Kenney – she had to pull out of the project after 6 days of filming. Al Pacino is playing Phil Spector . My how fabulous those two together would have been. The HBO film is written and directed by David Mamet. Now comes the news that Dame Helen Mirren is replacing Midler in the role. Wow! Very different performers indeed. Doesn’t excite me much as I suspect a lot of “acting” will come with this Dame in the role, where-as I think Midler would have gone with instinct and been spectacular and she is a damn good lookey-likey.

Oh, Well!

Pacino plays Phil

Al’s lookey-likey Phil Spector

Linda Kenney Baden dead ringer for Bette

The Divine Miss M

Dame Mirren saves the day


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Can’t wait to see this one.

Meryl looks marvelous.

I don’t care if the director has dubious film-making talent, Meryl has bucket loads.

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demented brides are fun…..

I am off to a wedding this weekend of a dear friend.

I do love a bride especially if a bit mad and demented.

Here are a few fabulously mad movie brides.

Bride Of Frankenstein 

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride

Mrs Havisham from Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations (d. David Lean) – jilted at the altar she never took off her dress again!!!

The Bride Of Chucky – Tiffany

Bette Midler sings “Chapel Of Love” in the concert film Divine Madness. In this sequence she also played the groom – check out the clip here

Congratulations Anna & Mark xxx



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Glenn vs Meryl

Oscar buzz has so far put Meryl Streep as a front runner in this years best actress race for her (yet unseen) portrayal of British Prime Minister in the upcoming film “The Iron Lady”.

Now it appears she has a rival to run with. reported today that an independent film starring Glenn Close is getting a release in the latter part of the year, prime  award season. The movie is called “Albert Mobbs” and tells the tale of a woman passing as a man in order to work and survive in 19th century Ireland.

Pure Oscar bait I reckon.

Gender-bending roles often get noticed and sometimes win. Think of Linda Hunt who won a best supporting actress gong for playing a man in Peter Weir’s “The Year Of Living Dangerously”. Dustin Hoffman got noticed in “Tootsie”, Jack Lemmon in “Some Like It Hot”, Hilary Swank won best actress for “Boys Don’t Cry”, Felicity Huffman in “Transgender”, Cate Blanchett in “I’m Not There”– the  list goes on……..

Glenn Close won an Obie (an off-Broadway theatre award) for playing the same role in a play back in 1982. She is also a producer on the film and co-wrote the screenplay.

She has been nominated 5 times for an Oscar but has never won, but she has won a couple of Tonys and Emmys, is she heading for the EGOT?

Go Glenn!

Glenn as Albert

Footnote: Interestingly Meryl Streep portrayed a male Rabbi (amongst a multiple of roles) in the TV adaptation of Tony Kushner’s  masterpiece “Angels In America”, she won the Emmy!!

Wanderlusst  take note, gender-bending is a happening thing 🙂


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I dreamed a dream job.

For some reason I have a case of blogger block. Not interested in reporting anything that’s going on – go figure!

So in this short post I am going to list my 5 top dream jobs.

1. Philanthropist – the joy of giving money to struggling artists/filmmakers/designers etc. would be a dream. Scholarships in my name would be necessary. And of course a lot of charities would benefit. Regarding the gala benefits…. I would of course be in charge of the decor, menus, entertainment and themes. A monster would be born!!!!! (perhaps destroying the true meaning of the word philanthropy?)

2. A Broadway Producer – preferably a musical, but I wouldn’t say no to a play. I would like a hand in the casting and the composer and the book writer and the design. They all have to be A-grade or have the potential to be,  or forget it!!!

Legendary Broadway producer David Merrick – a tyrant? a genius?

3.  A novelist – a great storyteller with a gift for language and form. A playwright would be a dream too. I admire writers the MOST. A screenwriter is another story – imagine my words ruined by an egotistical director and a cast of actors, of course if they are Judy Davis and the like I would accept the changes.

A favourite author of mine – Donna Taart author of The Secret History & The Little Friend

4. A cheese-maker because they are blessed (especially if of the  washed rind variety).

Smelly cheese is the best!

5. A humble person living off the land, procuring produce and the likes amongst the locals, inviting friends and family and guests to enjoy food and wine and walk amongst nature, warm fires, good food, oh what heaven!

A rare appearance – Babs amongst the veggies

Babs and her girls. (ignore the film lighting stands – darn those gaffers!)

Feed your friends good old-fashioned meat



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Diva Fest

As I am about to start working on a new project involving divas, I thought I might share some of my fave divas of late.


Edie Falco



Laura Linney



Kate Winslet



Maggie Smith

Expect them all to be nominated for an EMMY this year.

and last but by no means least……


Julie Taymor



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