Popsicle Spidey!

So it is official “Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark” is frozen!!!

Frozen is the term that means what is currently on stage is the final version that critics will review. June 8 which was the musical’s 177th preview, marked the last time changes would be occur in the production, which has been in previews since November 2010. The longest preview period in the history of Broadway. Critics have been invited to attend the June 9-11 performances.

Along the way, bones have been broken, directors have been “disposed of” and Bono & The Edge have been in heavy promotion mode, appearing on the finale of American Idol, and just announced to appear on the Tony Awards being presented on Sunday night, June 12 ahead of its official June 14 opening night. This will make “Spiderman” the first official opening of the new 2011/12 season – will be interesting to see how it fares at next years awards ceremony, and if it is still playing.

Previously announced that “due to the new schedule, director and co-book writer Julie Taymor will no longer continue in her day-to-day duties with the production”. In other words she was booted.
The musical recently took a temporary break after a preview period that included several cast injuries and many delays for the opening night. When performances resumed, the musical featured major changes to the book and new songs by Bono and The Edge.  Added to the creative team, were playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (a Marvel comics writer), director Philip Wm McKinley (The Boy From Oz) and choreographer Chase Brock.

Adding to the controversy Broadway stage unions have stepped in demanding payment to Taymor who has not received a penny of royalties owed to her.

In related news reported by the New York Post , producers of Spiderman had asked that the Empire State Building change its colors to red and blue for the musical’s opening night. Executives at the New York landmark said they would only do so if a battle between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man, which is depicted in the $70 million musical, was shifted from the Chrysler Building to the Empire State Building. It ain’t going to happen. personally I think the Chrysler building is a far superior visual image than the also impressive Empire State.

Chookas!  to all the cast and crew of “Spiderman” I am sure they will be relieved once the show has opened and can sleep during the day instead of rehearsing.





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2 responses to “Popsicle Spidey!

  1. tatts

    Can you explain Chookas?

  2. Chookas is an old Australian theatre term, wishing good luck on the first night.

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