House of Horrors

Film review – INSIDIOUS

The creators of the mega success horror franchise “Saw” are back. Writer Leigh Whannell & director James Wan have fashioned a new horror film playing with the old aged haunted house theme.It stars Patrick Wilson & Rose Byrne with an appearance from Leigh Whannell as one half of a of ghostbuster team. This time though it isn’t the house that is haunted………….

Insidious is a scary haunted house flick first and foremost. Old fashioned in its tone and style, calling on lots of classics of the genre. I found it gripping, aside from the conventions bestowed on films made by American major studios. Think Poltergeist, meets The Exorcist meets Amityville Horror, with a bit of Carnival Of Souls thrown in, a tapestry of frights and genres to please most horror film buffs.

No need for plot explanation it is fun and scary, what more do you want.

INSIDIOUS opens in Australian cinemas this Thursday May 12

Leigh Whannell & Lin Shaye encounter the spooks of Insidious

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