Broadway back home #2

Continuing on my last post my addiction to the Broadway musical just won’t go away. Rehab! Could you imagine a rehab for fans of the musical 🙂

Last weekend I ventured of to see the all new Australian production of “Hairspray” – the musical. The first production not to recreate the Broadway version. I am all for our Australian talents doing their own version but this production is a poor mans version of the Broadway original. David Atkins (director) has produced a lame version of a truly great musical. Using incredible technology he has managed to make the show seem lazy and laboured. Thousands of LED lights make up the set of sliding screens that project animated images to give you the settings and emotions that you are supposed to feel. I was not aware that I was paying $145 to see animation on stage and actors just acting as props for the spectacle. The cast give it their all and are mostly terrific. But without a good resident director, this late into the run, they are all mugging and scenery chewing I am amazed nobody has had an electric shock!!! Newcomer Jaz Flowers as the adorable Tracey Turnblad sings superbly and can dance up a storm, but she plays the role very worldly and knowing right from the start whereas I recall the character should have an innocence that by the end of the show has grown into a powerful activist. Her knowing asides irritated me the most. As her mother Edna- Trevor Ashley  plays the role like a drag queen which is a real fatal mistake in my opinion. The stand out is Tevin Campbell (as Seaweed) a US import and former child singer who is of great voice and sexy dance moves that really soar above the mediocrity. I could go on, but I won’t, I did not like this production at all. I saw the Broadway recreated production in London and loved it so much. But here the audience lapped it up and loved it – go figure!

This weekend I went to see a preview of the Broadway jukebox hit musical “Rock Of Ages”, this time a carbon copy….more in my next post.


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