Fancy Frock Winners.

The costume designers guild handed out their own awards today, I am quite pleased with the results.

Period – Jenny Beaven for THE KING’S SPEECH

Fantasy – Colleen Atwood for ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Contemporary – Amy Westcott for BLACK SWAN

I was particularly happy for “Black Swan” to win, the attention to detail was divine. Sadly Amy Westcott is not up for the Oscar, contemporary films rarely get noticed by the Academy. The last time a contemporary film won an Oscar was way back in 1979 when Albert Wolsky won (deservedly)  for “All That Jazz”.

My prediction for the Oscars is “Alice In Wonderland” but “King’s Speech” may go with the sweep expected. My choice is “True Grit”, I have not seen Sandy Powell’s creations for “The Tempest”, I am sure they are excellent as her work always is. I am pleased that “I Am Love” got a nomination. Perhaps if it wins it will break the 32 year drought for a contemporary win.

I was happy that “Glee” won the TV award for contemporary – congrats to Lou Eyrich.




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