slapped around!

Babs will be posting less in the next few weeks.

Babs is being slapped around by  “The Slap”.

Behind the scenes film making is demanding at the best of times.

Would love to blab every now and then about “The Slap”, hopefully I can soon!

Aside from that I promise some news and reviews as soon as I can. It is Oscar season after all.







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3 responses to “slapped around!

  1. Poor Babs. Hope you re-surface soon. Soundly slapped, as necessary.

  2. tatts

    saw True Grit on the weekend – which I loved! I don’t however think that the performance of the girl is a challenge for the best supporting actress.

    I really do think that Jackie Weaver’s performance is BEST.

    what did you think? (of the movie)….. I really couldn’t find fault. Not since FARGO

    very exciting to see such a great film. The acting, the look, the dialogue….. WOW

    • I haven’t seen it yet, been too busy working 😦
      will see it this weekend.
      I am excited about seeing it.
      I thought “Not Country For Old Men” was a near perfect Coen Bros film – alongside “Fargo”.
      I think (don’t agree) Melissa Leo will steal the Oscar from Jacki, but we all know the oscars are severely flawed when it comes to giving.

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