So damn happy!

I am so thrilled for Jacki Weaver and her Oscar nomination today – Best Supporting Actress for “Animal Kingdom”. She deserves it so much.

This was one of her reactions

“I’m elated to the point of euphoria. I feel like I’m in a walking dream,” she said of her supporting actress nom for “Animal Kingdom. “I’m so relieved that all those millions of Australians who wanted me to get this nomination aren’t disappointed. Happy Australia Day.”


It is a very good showing this year  for all the Aussie nominees walking the red carpet with Jacki.

Geoffrey Rush – Supporting Actor in “The King’s Speech” (His fourth nomination, he has won once for “Shine”)

Emile Sherman – Producer for “The King’s Speech” – Best Film

Nicole Kidman – Actress for “Rabbit Hole” (Her third nomination, she has won once for “The Hours”)

Shaun Tan – Best Animated Short Film for “The Lost Thing”

Kirk Baxter – Editing for “The Social Network”

Ben Snow – Visual Effects for “Iron Man 2”

Aside from the thrill of the Jacki and Co. nominations I was also very happy with the showing for “The Winter’s Bone” – 4 noms (best film, actress, supporting actor & adapted screenplay) after its best film win at the Gloscars! I hope it does well at the Oscars 🙂

Very pleased that “Tron:Legacy” missed out on a nomination for Art Direction and happy that “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Pt 1” was nominated.

Pleased that “I Am Love” got a nomination for costumes, and disappointed that “Black Swan” missed out on a nom for Art Direction.

Overall no real surprises at all – unless you count Javier Bardem – Best Actor for “Biutiful” but I am sure he is deserving, he is a superb actor.

My prediction of the winners will come the week of the Oscar ceremony, which will be presented on February 27 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.




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3 responses to “So damn happy!

  1. tatts

    I can’t believe your comment about art direction for black swan (which I saw last night with Emma)….. please explain?

    I’m sure you’ve blogged about the film – but I didn’t read it….. might have to go back to the archives. I was disappointed ….
    Carrie with ballet just didn’t really work for me …. and that bedroom set OMG …… the horror only to be matched by poor old barbara’s face.

  2. American Night

    ‘Great news about Jacki Weaver receiving her Oscar nomination – Best Supporting Actress for “Animal Kingdom”.

    ‘Glad that “Tron:Legacy” missed out on an Art Direction nomination but so happy that “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Pt 1″ was. Really?!? There’s no particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching a digital world populated by computer programs or a make-believe reality with wizards and mystics. It’s almost a case of making it up as you go along. Hmmmm.

    • i totally disagree on this one
      the choice of tiles in the wizardry room , or whatever it was ? was thought about in great detail, and i think seemless with the real life design and it’s digital extension, and apart from that, it is all about vision. This Harry Potter delivers…..Tron was a travesty of relying on digital and the concept was absurd.

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