It’s showtime! actually it’s HBO – Bob Fosse pic in the works.

HBO has announced that they are developing a biopic about  film & theatre genius director/choreographer Bob Fosse. It is to be directed by Brian Singer (of X-Men fame) and is based on the book “Bye, Bye Life: The Loves and Deaths of Bob Fosse” by Sam Wasson.

Tongues have been wagging in film and theatre circles and rightly so. Why would one want to make a bio on this man when he has already made it himself?

Back in 1979, with “All That Jazz” Fosse directed an autobiographical account of his own creative and physical meltdown. Roy Scheider starred as a fictionalized Fosse character, Joe Gideon – a chain-smoking, prescription drug-addicted, self-destructive director who is trying to juggle careers both on Broadway and in the movies. It is a masterpiece of musical-filmmaking highly regarded in both the theatre and film world. No one can do Fosse better than Fosse, so why bother? I guess it will be interesting to see what take Singer has to the material. He has a reputation as a volatile filmmaker himself. The casting of the lead will be very interesting, a great role for an actor that’s for sure.

Even though I am not sure it is a worthy project, I will of course be waiting in anticipation and hoping it can be pulled off.

The great Bob Fosse


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One response to “It’s showtime! actually it’s HBO – Bob Fosse pic in the works.

  1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!
    Self-serving madness.

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