the lazy side of the award season……

The Dec/Jan/Feb film season in Australia always has me abuzz. It is award season in the U.S. and we in Oz usually have the contenders on our screens before the crucial Academy Award date.

This year has me excited at the contenders yet to see, and the ones I have seen.

My only complaint is the so-called “gravy train” or “band-wagon”. The same highly acclaimed and awarded films turn up everywhere. While I understand that the film critics band together, it really annoys me that the individual guilds also turn up with the same bunch of nominees.

In all honesty, surely in a year of so many films released, can u believe that the top best films also have the same top designers, and composers, and cinematographers?

A film can have a fabulous script and great performances but an average design or score, also a film with a bad script and direction and so-so cast can have extraordinary design or visuals. Yet they all seem to turn up in the same awards.

I remember years ago, with the Academy Award nominations there was always a few outsiders in the design or cinematography categories that would be recognized but no chance in the film, or direction or screenplay catergories, that way you might seek out the visually talented nominees. I could cite examples but then this post will go on, and i don’t have the time to detail (sorry bout that).

This year it seems in all the individual guild awards the same group of nominees appear. laziness perhaps?  or not even have seen the films upfront ?(hope not).

I wish there were a few left of field nominees out there. Guess there will be at least one or two when the Oscars are announced.


No chance at a best picture nomination, or for direction, acting, but it sure had superbly detailed production design…


Production Designer: Mark Friedberg

The set comprised of a TV studio and the production offices, set in a basement, it felt underground. The apartment of the TV anchor/legend portrayed by Harrison Ford, not seen in great detail, darkly lit, but it screamed of wealth, success, travel etc….totally believable for the character……

the Art Directors guild failed to recognise 😦 beats me

for those who like really good production design, I think you should check it out…in my own opinion!



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