a flop, and the reason why……

“How Do You Know” is a new film by James L. Brooks. The man responsible for “Terms Of Endearment”, the brilliant “Broadcast News” and “As Good As It Gets” (hated that film personally). All very successful. Also he had a hand in the success of the brilliant Tracey Ullman and of course “The Simpsons” – say no more. Oh and by the way he had a hand in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” amongst a plethora of gems.

Getting back to “How Do You Know”. Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd (so cute and hot), and Jack Nicholson. Great cast don’t ya think? But there is another in the cast, an actor I simply cannot stand, and do not get his appeal, if he has any, or ever did?


the reason why this film has flopped, is because he is in it……my own opinion of course.

I cannot bear to watch him on screen, and his voice makes my blood curdle.

Sorry dear Owen!




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2 responses to “a flop, and the reason why……

  1. Can’t bear him either. Cannot understand the appeal.

  2. Muse of Babs (mOb)

    Can’t stand his big honker of a nose…

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