The Jacki & Judy show.

After the excitement of Jacki Weaver’s triumphant win at the AFI awards I am beside myself that she is doing so well with the American critics. Years ago I predicted Geoffrey Rush would do well with “Shine” and we know how well that went. Tomorrow’s Golden Globe nominations announcement will surely confirm that the divine Jacki will be confirmed for an Oscar nom…..and I predict – a win!  Now for a future prediction………if the juggernaut of critics and film fans have true taste and cannot ignore performance greatness, the release of Fred Schepisi’s film version of Nobel prize winning author, Patrick White’s “The Eye Of The Storm” next year will gain attention due to the truly brilliant and great actress Judy Davis….mark my words, you heard it first. A performance that cannot and will not be ignored, if I have my way.

Go Jacki !, Go Judy !

Judy Davis in “The Eye Of The Storm” photo: Matt Netheim

Jacki Weaver performing in “Steel Magnolias”, an acclaimed stage actress, her performance as Ouisa Kittredge in “Six Degrees Of Separation” was sublime!



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4 responses to “The Jacki & Judy show.

  1. Wanda

    Oh Babs! Thou art not only sage, but Oracle….

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