Here come the Gloscars!

For years and years I have been giving out my own film awards called “The Gloscars”.

I write down every movie I see in cinemas from Jan 1st to Dec 30th. On New Years Day I announce my winners.

Hardly anyone ever sees the results, sometimes I might make a mention to those who feign interest.

This year – due to my blog, I will proudly present my first public Gloscars.

It differs to Oscars and such because of release dates in Australia. Often some winners or nominees might seem so last year. The influence of the US award season can be apparent but then often I might be ahead of it all and announce a winner that may go on to get the golden man. Sometimes my choice have no reflection on any other awards.

It includes the top 10 films and 5 nominations in other categories.

So on Jan 1, 2011 you will experience the first ever published Gloscars – in my own opinion of course.




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2 responses to “Here come the Gloscars!

  1. Muse of Babs (mOb)

    How exciting… The Gloscars are going global…

    Now I don’t have to feign interest anymore 😛

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