Clash clones.

For those fans of the punk rock group “The Clash” – a new movie is on the horizon. Acclaimed British playwright Jez Butterworth ( who most recently wrote the Naomi Watts/Sean Penn starrer “Fair Game”) is writing a feature film script about the famed music group – titled “London Calling” the name of their hit 1979 album. Butterworth also had a big hit on the UK  stage with his play “Jerusalem”, soon to be mounted on Broadway with original star Mark Rylance. It will be interesting to see who is cast as the bands leader, Joe Strummer, who died sadly in 2002 of heart problems 😦

Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of the Clash are advisors and have granted music rights to the project. The film will concentrate on the recording of London Calling which gave the band worldwide fame on its release.

No word yet on the director or cast.



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2 responses to “Clash clones.

  1. babs is breaking news…..x

  2. hardly….. but I am off to the AFI’s next week – I plan a blogfest – perhaps live, red carpet, post party snaps galore – if anyone really cares???? – a snap with Babs and future Oscar nominee Jacki W will be suffice xx

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