off to see the Wizard….

Went to see the latest Harry Potter – the first part of the final book filmed (part 2 due next July).

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Pt 1.

I have seen all the HP films, but never read the books. They are event movies so it is hard for me to resist, a bit like Bond films. Not to mention watching the huge roster of fine British actors on the screen. This one fares better than the last two, but not as good as my favorite in the series – the 3rd one “Prisoner Of Azkaban” by far the most visual and imaginative.

If anything the Potter films are always a visual treat – the production design by talented Oscar winner Stuart Craig is always first class and full of wonderment and exquisite detail, they spend the big bucks wisely. The costumes are also just as fine – both the fantasy and the contemporary full of character and detail.

Story wise this film is a bit convoluted and repetitive but even though overlong it is not boring. It does at times feel a tad by the numbers and takes itself too seriously – far too dark and not enough magic and laughs. It also makes you realize that by the final film it will be time to put the magic wands to rest.

It is hard to believe that the first film was released in Nov 2001 – 9 years ago. Watching the fine young lead cast grow has been fun and handled by the producers with lots of care. I think care is the reason that this franchise has delighted me over the years. Quality big budget studio films are a rare beast.





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