Oscar Buzz – Best Supporting Actress

Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom.

Need I say more?  Anyone who knows me knows how much I have been championing this brilliant actress. She has been treading the boards for years in Australia and now her time has come. As the mother from hell in David Michod’s brilliant crime drama she has been getting rave reviews from critics worldwide. Now the awards blogs are coming to the party and she is on most major prediction lists. I expect her to get lots of nods once the critics awards start up. This is the most exciting of nominations, it had better happen or you will here me scream from miles away.

Dianne Wiest – Rabbit Hole.

Dianne Wiest has won two previous supporting actress awards in the past – both for Woody Allen films (Hannah & Her Sisters & Bullets Over Broadway). It has been a while since she has had any attention for a movie role, Televison appearances and theatre have kept her busy. In this drama she plays the part of grieving Nicole Kidman’s supportive mother, a monologue she delivers about grief is apparently the clincher for her predicted nomination

Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech.

Playing the role of the adored Queen Mother – before she was known as that of course, Helena Bonham Carter gives fine support to Colin Firths showy role. She was also one of the best things in Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” playing another Queen. She has been nominated in the past as lead actress in “The Wings Of A Dove”. She does period roles to perfection.

Melissa Leo – The Fighter.

A scenery chewing role as the overbearing mother to Mark Wahlberg’s fighting champ, Melissa Leo sprung to our attention with her Oscar nominated performance in “Frozen River” in 2008. She was brilliant in that film so it is great to see her shine in another role.

Julianne Moore – The Kids Are All Right.

If they put her in this category then there is a chance that she can join Bening on the winners podium. Let’s hope it ends up this way

Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit.

Newcomer Halle Steinfeld has been getting a lot of attention for a film yet to be seen. Word is that she steals the movie from the strong cast that support her. She plays a feisty teenager who hires US marshal Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to help find her father’s killer. Could she be this years Anna Paquin?


Miranda Richardson – Made In Dagenham.

Barbara Hershey – Black Swan.

Mila Kunis – Black Swan.

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