It’s time to light the lights……

A new Muppet movie is on the way.

Next Dec 2011 a brand new Muppet movie will be released and here are some first look pics.

Jason Segel an alumni of Judd Apatow films and a star of TV’s “How I Met Your Mother” has co-written the screenplay. He also takes a lead ‘human’ role. Co-starring with him is Oscar nominee Amy Adams, Chris Cooper plays the villian. Expect lots of cameos as per norm with a Muppet movie.

I am a HUGE fan of the Muppets. The TV show featured so many fabulous guest stars. The Muppets have so many great iconic characters so it will be a treat to see them all on the big screen again. I have to admit I have seen all the Muppet movies and in a cinema too 🙂 I love em!

The plot is another one of those ‘lets put on a show’ types familiar to Muppet fans – why mess with a proven feel good formula.


Spoiler Alert!


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One response to “It’s time to light the lights……

  1. Bowen Ellames

    Very excited about this!

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