IF, What!! Why Bother?

What a joke the Australian IF awards are.

The 2010 IF Awards were handed out last night in Sydney and the outcome was ridiculous.

“Tommorrow When The War Began” by far the most appalling Aussie film I have seen this year won best film over the brilliant “Animal Kingdom”, and to add insult to the injury former “Neighbours’ actress Caitlin Stasey won best actress over the great performance from Jacki Weaver in AK. The mind boggles!!

I must explain the stupidity of the pointless IF awards. They are voted by the general public much like the Logies (need I say more?) – except for a few craft awards, but even then they have a weird system of eligibility that is ridiculous. So of course “War” was a better performer at the box office than AK therefore more people saw it and more people voted for it, makes sense but what is the point? Just call them the Popular film awards and be done with – then the outcome is not so upsetting.

The Australian film industry is very small and I don’t think it needs an awards system voted on popularity, unlike America which have so many awards it is ridiculous. Award ceremonies do serve a purpose to showcase and promote cinema, in Australia we need as much promotion as possible but just not with the IF awards contribution please.

The IF awards aren’t even broadcast anymore I think, so the public don’t even get to watch. It was only a tiny snippet in the newspaper the day after where I first heard of the debacle – spluttering my latte all over the table, Searching the web to look up the winners was even a hard task. Google took me to the official IF website and they hadn’t even updated the website to give me the full list of winners. The news section of google had only 2 articles (at the time I am writing this post) that did not even give you a full list of winners. I am still yet to find out who won design or cinematography – tragic really.

The upcoming AFI awards (even though not much better) have more credibility as most of the awards are voted by industry professionals who know the craft. It is not a perfect voting system,  but then what is?

I feel the importance of film awards as a promotional tool and to applaud the talented artists who contribute. I often gripe at the outcome but at least they exist if not just for the red carpet tackiness (at the Oz ones) and glamour (Oscars) and an excuse to party.

I don’t think there is a need for the IF awards to exist in this country, just leave it to the AFI’s and Guild organisations to hand out gongs. The IF’s are too misleading to the moronic public who by chance saw the tiny article in their local rag and will believe War is a better film than AK – appalling!

One thing I did find out reading the newspaper article on the awards is that Animal Kingdom actor Sullivan Stapleton is dating Jobeth Taylor (formerly of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos) – they connected on Facebook – riveting stuff!

Enough said 🙂






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3 responses to “IF, What!! Why Bother?

  1. Bowen Ellames

    This is too sad.

  2. tatts

    FANTASTIC. OH MY GOD I’M SO GLAD I READ THIS – HYSTERICAL….. and right (except for when you used the ‘gong’ word)

    What is it about that word for me – ???

    anyway – love your voice is definitely in this one.

    he he

    (loved the aside about Sullivan’s dating … he he he)

    T x

  3. Gary Hillberg

    All i saw of the IF awards was a lower-frame scroll on SUNRISE.
    TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN ????? ARE they fucking serious ?
    The logies of the cinema (and equally ugly figurines)…..

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