Helen’s got a gun!

Film Review:


What a curious film RED is. An action/comedy revolving around retired CIA operatives out for revenge.

It really is a lot of nonsense, has some so-so action sequences and a pointless plot, but it does have good characters, a great cast enjoying themselves, and it’s a lot of fun. If you enjoyed the hokum of “Salt” you should like this one.

Bruce Willis plays a retired CIA assassin who comes under attack from some unknown assailants who turn out to be the CIA. He has a flirtatious telephone relationship with a girl who processes his retirement cheques – the wonderful Mary Louise Parker. Because of their involvement it turns out she is in danger too. So off he goes and kidnaps her (to protect her) and the chase is on. Along the way he teams up with his old pals of yesteryear, and what a fine old bunch they are. Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich (playing kooky to the hilt), Brian Cox and Helen Mirren. It is Mirren’s character of Victoria that made me laugh the most. She now leads a quiet life flower arranging and baking but aches to kill again – even taking some hit jobs on the side.  She is thrilled to be back in action, and there is one particular shot where she is going for broke with a machine gun that is a gem. Mention should be made of the CIA agent pursuing them, as played by Karl Urban (Bones in the Star Trek reboot) he manages to make his mark with a cliched character.

It looks good, has excellent locations and detailed production design, but there is nothing at all original in the film. It is based on a popular series of graphic novels, so maybe that explains the silliness.

In the end, for me it was an enjoyable experience, I had a lot of fun watching the “oldies” in action, can’t complain about that.

RED opens in cinemas Oct 28.

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