an Albee afternoon.

It was a real treat on a cold ‘n’windy Sunday afternoon to attend a talk by acclaimed American playwrite – Edward Albee.

He of “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf” fame, not to mention quite a few others. He has won 3 Pulitzer prizes for drama amongst other accolades.

He was a guest of the Melbourne Theatre Company to give their 2010 John Sumner Lecture.

The Octogenarian was at times – naughty, pompous, funny, egotistical, profound, enlightening and delightful.

©Jane Murphy

His musings on the collaboration of all art forms was wonderful, and his tale of the Hollywood producer claiming screenplay rights to the film adaptation of his play “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf”, was a highlight.

Even down under we get to see the greats 🙂 on occasion.







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  1. doris

    I know he’s a ‘great’, however, I thought he was a bit of an old prat……..

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