will the paint dry?

Love Never Dies (musical)

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So an official announcement has been made that the sequel to the hit mega musical “Phantom Of The Opera” will have it’s second, and all new production produced in Melbourne. Titled “Love Never Dies”, but nicknamed “Paint Never Dries” by the fabulous blog –  the West End Whingers.

It is widely known that the West End production was not up to scratch, and a proposed Broadway production has been scrapped for the 2010/11 season.

An all Australian production team will helm the new version. Simon Phillips has been named as director, with Graeme Murphy in charge of choreography, sets & costumes will be designed by Gabriela Tylesova.

Lets hope it is much more successful and that the paint will finally dry.

History tells that many years ago, back in 1971 the Broadway production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” (originally a concept album) had a similar fate.

That production was not well received by the critics, and ALW himself was unhappy with the show in this form. It ran for 733 performances, admirable, but not the blockbuster hit they had hoped for.

The next production originated in Australia in May 1972. The team of director Jim Sharman and designer Brian Thomson created an all new Superstar, it was highly acclaimed and innovative and it caught the attention of ALW, lyricist Tim Rice and producer Robert Stigwood who recruited the Aussies to create the premiere London production. It once again was a new production and was a huge success running for 8 years.

Sharman and Thomson remained in London for a while after and during that time a singer in the show – Richard O’Brien asked them to produce a musical he had written called “The Rocky Horror Show” – it premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 1973, was an instant hit and the rest is history.

The original Australian Production of Jesus Christ Superstar was certainly a landmark production. It had a very profound affect on me and in my next post I will discuss it in more detail.








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3 responses to “will the paint dry?

  1. Wanda

    Oh god. Spare us!

  2. Wanda

    Spare us the sequel, I mean….

    (Would love to know how you, Babs, were affected by J.C. Superstar!)

  3. I know can you believe Simon Phillips has the gig!
    It will be as bland and boring as the original Phantom – which I loathed!

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