Divine Decadence

Pink Flamingos

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I just love Divine – the incredible creation of performer Glenn Milstead & filmmaker John Waters.

From the moment I first saw her in Female Trouble I was hooked. As slovenly Dawn Davenport it is a tour- de- force performance. From stomping on the family christmas tree to bouncing on a trampoline in full mohawk rubbing a fish all over her body – nothing was left to the imagination. Before that as Babs Johnson in Pink Flamingos there was the infamous devouring of doggy do. Who could forget poor poor Francine Fishpaw the downtrodden Baltimore housewife in Polyester – with wayward kids and a porn theatre owner for a husband. And in her final film role as Edna Turnblad, mother of hair hopper Tracy in the original Hairspray.

What a superstar, what a legend!

I am lucky to be the proud owner of a Divine cut out doll book. With illustrations by Van Smith – the talented costume and make-up designer who was the creator of Divine’s “look”.

Take a look.




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3 responses to “Divine Decadence

  1. Muse of Babs (MoB)

    * sigh * What HEAVEN

  2. OH MY GOD glen I cant believe some of the things you have….

    this is AMAZING!!!

  3. matthew

    Love this! Her face does look a little bit more like Beth Ditto than Divine however.

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