Glee vs God

The gods are not praying for me this week. GLEE is on a 2 week hiatus on Australian screens while Channel 10 programmes the terribly dull Commonwealth games.

This weeks Glee ep 203, screening in the US is an episode tackling religion – titled “Grilled Cheesus”. Named after the footballer Finn sees an image of god on his grilled cheese sandwich. I have read that the gay teen,Kurt (who proclaims he does not believe in God), has something to say, noting that many Christian churches “don’t think much of gay people, or women, or science.” The religious right will be up in arms I am sure.

Some song choices are REM’s “Losing My Religion”, The Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, and Rachel sings “Papa, Can You Hear Me” from the film “Yentl – can’t wait to hear that one.

After the terrific first ep of the new season, followed by the terrible (but high rating) Britney Spears ep – the only ep I have not liked one bit. The 3rd ep should be interesting.

Though the thought of having to wait another 2 weeks to see the ep does have me cursing in the lords name – strike me down!

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  1. Muse of Babs (mOb)

    I love it when you spoil an unseen episode. Thanks Babs

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