Jog till you blog

It was suggested that since I have recently taken up jogging & blogging, that I should jog and blog about it. Should I mention that jogging with all its impact can also bring on the bog. Too much detail? Well, you have to work out all the details in a jog, as you do in a blog. Never have a coffee before a jog, could bring on the bog!  but a good latte helps you to blog, after the jog.

So here is the result

a blog about the jog – not the bog.

Films that feature running in the storyline.

I guess if I included bogging I could write up about “La Grande Bouffe” or “Blazing Saddles” but I will save that for a future food-on-film blog, that is inevitable.

Chariots Of Fire. Possibly the most famous running movie, it won the Best Film Oscar back in 1981, not really deserved, but it was so well marketed, I believe it was the first time I realized promotion of a movie wins Oscars, now so common. It featured a very famous music score by Vangelis.

Personal Best. Directed by screenwriter Robert (Chinatown) Towne. I remember being entranced by this movie, it had a lesbian storyline that unfortunately succumbed to the woman turns to man after the lesbo affair, but it looked fabulous and I remember being impressed. Mariel Hemmingway starred.

Without Limits. Another running film directed by Robert Towne. It stars Billy Crudup as famous American runner Steve Prefontaine

Run Fatboy Run. Simon Pegg plays a man who enters the London River marathon to win back his ex-girlfriend.

The Jericho Mile. Peter Strauss stars in this telemovie directed by Michael Mann. It is about a man who is serving a life sentence in prison and takes up long distance running.

The Jesse Owens Story. TV movie about the famous Afro-American athlete who won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

See How She Runs. TV movie starring Joanne Woodward in her Emmy winning role as a 40-year-old divorced teacher whose life is changed by her decision to enter the Boston Marathon.

Run Lola Run. Well arguably the greatest running film ever made. It introduced us to Tom Twyker (director), and Franke Potente (actress). very memorable

The Coolangatta Gold. An Aussie film, to boot. Featured a Tom (Rocky) Conti score, perhaps it’s greatest achievement? Love to know how much he was paid. Lots of beefcake to ogle too, why would I complain?

Goldengirl.The ultimate running film ever (for me), I was obsessed with this film as a teen (16 at the time), it featured a buxom blonde – al la Farrah Fawcett. Look at the cast – even Aussie John Newcombe turned up. Look at the plotline at the top of the poster. I would kill for a dvd release.



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8 responses to “Jog till you blog

  1. doris

    Julie and Julia could be your blogging film…..
    Anyway, blogging is kinder to your knees!

  2. Wanda

    Personal Best! Haven’t thought about that movie for years, but remember loving it, and seeing it several times in spite of its un-PC-ness… Poor Mariel Hemingway running up and down those sand hills… And that cute woman with the dark hair… Wonder if it’s still around on DVD?

  3. Wanda

    p.s. Does the jogging blogger have a p.b?

    • My PB In jogging is 20min but I am aiming for 30. My PB jogging films , well I do laugh when I see in some Russ Meyer films his big breasted woman running . 🙂

  4. Scheppo

    What about Forest Gump?

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