Oh my F***ing God!

Click on the link

please make it happen

BWW EXCLUSIVE: CARRIE’s On the Way Back to Broadway 2010/09/17.


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4 responses to “Oh my F***ing God!

  1. Doris

    Have you got a crystal ball or something? Peta says your doll voodoo magic is more powerful than her StKilda socks!

    • It has been rumored for a while. Just hasn’t been this “official”. I will have to fly to NYC now 🙂 it will be a while off. I hope PETA is wearing her socks all week

  2. Wanda

    Babs! You prophetess, you… Do you have a Nick Riewoldt doll by any chance?

  3. Muse of Babs (MoB)

    Oh dear!

    I hope they completely rewrite and redesign everything otherwise it will remain a catastrophy.

    And Babs was weak….

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