A new coat of paint for our Nic *groan*

Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman seems to be in high career mode once again. After starring in the critical flops “Australia” & “Nine” (aren’t most of her films flops?) she has a couple of projects that will put her back in favour. Gotta hand it to her, she just keeps on keeping on.

Her latest film “Rabbit Hole” just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, to good reviews for both the film and her performance. They are talking another Oscar nomination.

Now a Broadway stint is on the cards. She will star in a proposed revival of Tennessee William’s 1959 play “Sweet Bird Of Youth”. The play will be directed by New York director of the moment – David Cromer, whose acclaimed off-broadway production of  Thornton Wilder’s”Our Town” is about to close after a long successful run.

She will play faded, often tanked, movie star – Princess Kosmonopolis aka. Alexandra Del Lago, who accompanies a younger gigolo, Chance Wayne to his home town. The reason he returns to his home town is to get back what he had in his youth- his old girlfriend, whose father had run him out of town years before. Kidman at 43 might seem young to play a faded movie star, but back in the play’s original premiere and subsequent Hollywood movie, the great actress Geraldine Page brilliantly played the role (alongside Paul Newman) and she was only 35 (38 when film made)  at the time. No casting has been announced for the role of Chance Wayne. Years ago (in 1985/6 I think) I saw a production of the play here, in Australia, that starred Lauren Bacall as the princess and Colin Friels as the gigolo. Ms. Bacall would have been in her 60’s at the time. I was a huge fan of hers and she was fabulous. Liz Taylor played the part in a tv movie directed by Nicolas Roeg back in 1989 (aged 57).

I really can’t see Nicole in this particular role, the mind boggles. She seems to pop up in the most miscast roles, but she keeps on popping up! The last & only time Kidman performed on the Great White Way was in 1998 in David Hare’s “The Blue Room”, where she famously took her kit off – for a mere 3.6 seconds. It was a sell out. I am sure the producers are hoping for the same, I can image the critic’s claws will be well sharpened.

Paul Newman & Geraldine Page in the film version.

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  1. doris

    Nicole looks particularly possessed in that pic!

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