McQueen & Fassbender team again

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I am a great fan of the incredible movie “Hunger” –  the harrowing film about Irish Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands and his time in the infamous Maze prison. It is to me a true work of cinema art. An announcement has been made that the director and star of Hunger are to reteam. British artist turned director Steve McQueen and actor Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds, Fish Tank) will be making the film “Shame”.

Fassbender will play Brandon, a man living in New York, who is unable to manage his sex life. The drama has a screenplay by McQueen and Abi Morgan (Brick Lane). It is being produced by Iain Canning and developed through his See-Saw Films.

See-Saw films is a joint UK- Australian production company formed in 1998.  Canning’s partner in See-Saw is Australian producer Emile Sherman. I mentioned Sherman in an earlier post as a producer of the upcoming film – “The King’s Speech”. King’s Speech just premiered at the Telluride film festival to great Oscar buzz. Sherman has an eclectic roster of films to his credit – Candy, Disgrace, Kings Of Mykonos, $9.99. Also upcoming for See-Saw films is the Aust/UK co-production – “Oranges & Sunshine”, starring Emily Watson & Hugo Weaving. Oranges tells the story of Margaret Humphreys, a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in recent times- the organised deportation of children in care from the United Kingdom to Australia. The film is directed by Jim Loach.

I think See-Saw are a company to look out for in the future.

Steve McQueen directs Michael Fassbender in “Hunger”. Copyright © IFC Films

Emily Watson in “Oranges & Sunshine”.



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4 responses to “McQueen & Fassbender team again

  1. interesting, thanks for this babs. I really liked fishtank, did you see it? michael Fassbender =very good actor

  2. Scheppo

    I am a HUGE fan of Fish Tank. Andrea Arnold is a brilliant director and Fassbender is incredible in it, along with everyone else. A must see.

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