well hello sailor (doll) *wink*

Here is another doll to blab about, and I promise that it will be the last. You should be grateful I don’t still have my Farrah Fawcett, Boy George, or Michael Jackson dolls. I wish I still did 😦 . And I wont start on my cut out doll book collection. Although I am tempted to show you my Divine cut out doll. But I won’t.

It is my souvenir sailor doll.

Isn’t he cute?

This doll featured on one of the sets in the movie Triangle, a film I worked on. The psychological horror film stars Melissa George and was set on an old ocean liner.

The doll was manufactured by Norah Wellings for sale on cruise liners, hence the reason it ended up on the set of “Triangle”

A scene from Triangle featuring the sailor doll display cabinet.

Some history into the doll.

Almost all the shipping companies sold Norah Wellings products on board their ocean liners, with the main line being the range of sailor dolls featuring the name of the ship on their hatbands. It was a period of great travel – there were literally hundreds of ocean liners plying the seas between Europe and the United States – and for the majority of passengers, the trip wasn’t complete without a souvenir. The Jollyboy Sailor, which was introduced in 1929, soon became the most popular novelty doll in the Wellings catalogue. Over the years a whole range of Jollyboys were produced, in a variety of sizes, but all with the name of the Navy ship or ocean liner on the hatband and nearly all with bare feet.

The name of the ship on my doll’s hatband is “SS Orsova”.

I recommend you hire the DVD of Triangle, and see if you can spot my sailor boy.

My lost dolls 😦

I saw that this book is selling for up to $400 US.

There you go, all out of my system now.



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4 responses to “well hello sailor (doll) *wink*

  1. tatts

    I’m glad that you added the divine cut out – saved me having to ask for them.

    Love the doll spot! Was a bit more you. And it’s a fun bit of history (that only you and a couple of others would know)

    Also really enjoyed yesterday’s review on the lesbo movie. Made me want to go to it – but the way you are writing is very formal verging on the stilted and using the tired old reviewing cliches… like she’ll get a “nod”…. we need to show your personality, which is what is going to separate you from the boys.

    why don’t you try talking/recording the way you talk about stuff to friends and see if there’s a difference….

    anyway, can see you’re having fun.

    T x

  2. love the dolls! (and I quite like the old hollywood style delivery that you do sometimes, gives me a smile!)

    we are hanging on your every word babalicious x

  3. crossett

    Glen you love your dolls. Where do u get them

  4. Nell, I find them here and there, I do love my dolls. But they have to have a special meaning.

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