Oscar buzz – Natalie Portman “Black Swan”.

It looks like talented actress Natalie Portman should be frocking up for the red carpet at next years award season.

Her latest movie, “Black Swan“, just opened the Venice Film Festival to great acclaim. Both for her and the film. Directed by Darren Aranofsky who won the top prize at Venice back in 2008 for “The Wrestler”. This brilliant director also made the extraordinary “Requiem For A Dream”.

Described as being a psychosexual thriller set in the world of ballet, it does sound tantalising. Don’t expect light- hearted fare with this one. Aronofsky told a packed press conference that the more he looked into ballet, the more he started to see similarities with the world of wrestling. “They both have these performers who use their bodies in extremely physical ways,” he said.

London newspaper critics are giving the film rave reviews. “Portman is astounding,” says the Times of London. “Awards are sure to follow.” The Independent agrees, calling Portman’s performance “searing” and the film “enthralling”. The Daily Telegraph says Portman’s performance as a ballet dancer losing her mind elevates her from leading actress to major star.

Natalie Portman has always shown an abundance of talent, bursting onto the screen in the Luc Besson thriller “The Professional“, playing a 12 year old hitman. She followed up with another strong performance as Timothy Hutton’s 13 year old “Lolita like” love interest in Ted Demme’s “Beautiful Girls“. Of course, to fanboys she is best known playing Princess Leia’s mother in the “Star Wars” franchise, a role which she was constricted, and not happy with, not to mention she had no direction from George Lucas. She is no stranger to award attention, her role in Mike Nichol’s film “Closer” garnered her an Oscar nomination for supporting actress back in 2004. I have always enjoyed her on screen so I am looking forward to seeing her shine in this film, and I love Aranofsky films.

So as for Oscar buzz, let’s add Natalie Portman as best actress, alongside Annette Bening for “The Kids Are All Right”. Shoo-ins, in my own opinion.

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  1. Just love her. Powerful performance in Black Swan. Academy Awards deserve her and she deserves the Oscar too.

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