Meryl plays Maggie.

I chanced upon a piece of casting news only today. It was first rumoured in July, so perhaps a bit old hat. Even so, I find it intriguing.

Apparently the fabulous Meryl Streep is in negotiations to play the hideous Iron Lady, former England Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in a Film4 biopic. Possibly starring alongside her will be another major talent, Jim Broadbent, as Dennis Thatcher. Such great casting, in my own opinion.

Not so great is the news that it will be directed by Streep’s “Mamma Mia” helmer, Phylidda Lloyd. Personally, I thought that Mamma Mia was one of the most appallingly  directed films I have seen in many years. Mind you it was one of the most successful musical films ever. So who am I to speak?

If, and when it happens, expect another nomination for La Streep.



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2 responses to “Meryl plays Maggie.

  1. totally agree about MMia. shockingly bad!

  2. I was flabbergasted by how bad it was, direction wise. There were many other faults. British stage directors, transferring to film don’t do it for me at all!
    I am not a film fan of Mendes, Daldry, Hall, Eyres, Hyntner. But of their theatre work….. well legendary.

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