well hello Dolly!

A very obscure continuation of my doll posts……

Another dolly, this time Dolly Levi.

Well actually a really bad mural with a depiction of Carol Channing  in the musical “Hello Dolly”.

I chanced upon the mural when on an a(muse)ing holiday road trip last Christmas. It was the backdrop for an outdoor stage. I think it was located in Rosebud, in Victoria.

Dolly is not alone on the mural, if you look on her shoulders, it is Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe in “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” (in silhouette)!!!


Trivia Alert:

The original stage version of the musical “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” introduced Carol Channing in the role of Lorelei, the role Marilyn Monroe played in the film. Perhaps the “artist” who painted the mural was a big fan. 🙂

Carol Channing won the Tony back in 1964 for “Hello Dolly”, winning over Barbra Striesand in “Funny Girl”. Therefore Babs (the other one), is unable to be being a 100% EGOT recipient. Funnily enough, Babs (the other one),  went on to play Dolly Levi in the film version.

But wait right there.

Dolly has even more friends in the mural.

Click to enlarge.

including Madge!

and a new friend, JMB.

Just for a bit of fun, here are some reference points to share.

Carol Channing as Dolly Levi.

Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell

Carol Channing as Lorelei

Babs (the other one) as cinema’s Dolly.

Look! a Dolly doll, I want one.

There is even a chatty Carol doll.  HEAVEN!


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One response to “well hello Dolly!

  1. Muse of Babs

    Moving closer to bizarro! Love it Babs. Good to see you are making new friends 😉

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