Oh you beautiful doll (head)

I posted a while ago about my Carol Burnett doll.

Well I have another doll to blab about. Well actually it is only a doll head, I lost the torso years ago.

This one comes with a personal story.

The Brooke Shields Doll (1982)

Years ago (1994), I was asked by a work colleague if I could help out on a telemovie being filmed in Sydney. I was unemployed at the time, and they needed someone to run for them. It was only for a day, & it payed money, so I said yes. The telemovie was called “The Seventh Floor”. It was a dreadful show, hardly redeeming, but it did import, as it’s “star”, Brooke Shields. At the time, I stumbled across a Brooke Shield’s doll, at an auction house. I put in an absentee bid for $30, and won the doll for $20, a bargain. It was in it’s original box as above, but not for long.

I was always a fan of Brooke, I loved the film “Pretty Baby“, directed by the great director Louis Malle, it created quite a controversy as Miss Shields played a child prostitute offered on a platter as a virgin, at a very young age, then of course came “The Blue Lagoon” & “Endless Love“, making her, as the doll box says, the world’s most glamourous teenager. And quite a nudie!

But I digress……

So I bought the doll, gave it to my colleague, asking for it to be signed.

I had it signed, but Brooke’s mum Teri, well she thought she had a Brooke fan in hand. I was only interested in having a signed doll. Brooke’s mum had a reputation of being the ultimate stage mum.

Actually before I go on, if you are interested, just go to Wikipedia, click on the link above.

My flatmate at the time was an assistant director on the telemovie, during that time she had a birthday celebration (Bondi Icebergs, I recall), Brooke came along, she was a lovely person, I had a good old chin wag with her, one of the most unaffected “stars” that I have met, despite her interesting history. She seemed very down to earth. We talked about the drag balls represented in the great doco “Paris Is Burning“, she had attended a few. I am sure Brooke has so many tales to tell. She was a stalwart of Studio 54. She needs to write a bio (if she hasn’t already).

She has been a teen model, child actor,movie star,  tv star, and even done well on Broadway.She has appeared with the Muppets, and is Hanna Montana’s mother. Not that easy to achieve all that 🙂

But I digress….

so I had the signed Brooke doll, in it’s original package. Well it came out of it’s package for show ‘n’ tell quite often. After a few wines, and whatever, out would trot Brooke in her pink sweater and grey wollen pants with the white boots. Much to the merriment of the moment.

One night after a Brooke appearance, we all went out to a bar for a drink. As I went to pay for a drink, I noticed a white thingy bounce out of my pocket and onto the grimy bar room floor, it was Brooke’s boot, I scurried across and picked it up, unnoticed.

So after years of merriment, eventually Brooke’s head departed from her torso, and I lost a boot, and decided I preferred the signed head, and dumped the torso.

I had an old cheese box that was a perfect fit, and Brooke has lived there ever since.

Brooke in her cheese box.

The unmistakable Brooke hair

The signed head. “To Glen, from Brooke Shields”



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6 responses to “Oh you beautiful doll (head)

  1. Scheppo

    That’s really creepy Glen.

  2. Ha Ha
    it is kind of creepy.
    I had to share her with you all.

  3. Matt

    How very Simon Doonan – Beautiful People – How I got my Posh Spics Doll! 🙂

  4. doris

    Ha ha, that’s hilarious Glen!
    Seventh Floor also starred Masaya Katô, who was a huge Japanese star- and I remember the crowds of fans at the front door of the Prod Office every morning, hoping to get a glimpse of him. They used to cry!
    He actually couldn’t converse in English, but just learn’t his lines for the film. Method-acting…..not!

  5. A grisly tale, Babs. One of the weirder trophies!

  6. Muse of Babs

    I never tire of this story….. one of my favourites!
    It should be made into a film starring Brooke of course

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