welcoming another Showtime mum

SHOWTIME, the great cable tv programmer has just premiered a new comedy series featuring another flawed mum. Following in the footsteps of Mary Louise Parker (pot dealing mum) WEEDS, Toni Collette (multi personality mum) THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, Edie Falco (pill popping, 2 timing nurse mum) NURSE JACKIE. Here comes the fabulous Laura Linney in “THE BIG C”.

She plays the character of Cathy Jamison, a school teacher, who is diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma (hence the title Big C), rather than take the required treatment, she opts to enjoy the rest of her time on this planet. This sets her loose, transforming from a straight laced mum to a wild and wacky mum, much to the frustrations of her family and colleagues, with whom she has decided to keep her diagnosis a secret.

It’s a controversial subject, but aren’t all of the above mentioned shows?

Also in the cast is Oliver Platt as her estranged husband, and the wonderful Gabourey Sidibes (Precious) as an overweight student. The pilot was directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Gods & Monsters).

The reviews, though a little mixed, have garnered praise for Laura Linney. Expect her name on the list of next years Emmy noms, following in the footsteps of the other Showtime mums. It was a big ratings success on its first screening, so I can assume she will be around for a while. Of course I have no idea when it will hit Australian TV, will keep you posted.

Wanda, I know, I know, your requested embargo on must see tv series hasn’t gone through.  Scheppo I am sure you will avoid this show as your not a LL fan 😦

Footnote: 2 Showtime mums, Edie Falco & Toni Collette go head to head in the category of best leading actress in a comedy series, at this years Emmy awards. Both are the top faves to win. I really want Edie to pip Toni at the post. If she does she will become the first actress to win an Emmy for both drama & comedy leading actress – she has previously won 3 times for The Sopranos. The only other person to do so was Carroll O’Connor who won best leading actor Emmys for comedy (All In The Family) & drama (In The Heat Of The Night). And Toni won last year for a performance that grated on me, and reeked of “look at me voters”. In my own opinion.



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5 responses to “welcoming another Showtime mum

  1. Scheppo

    No I’m not but the show sounds great!!

  2. Wanda

    Hmmm. I like Laura Linney and this certainly sounds like an interesting premise. Would be very interested to see some of this and check out the writing. Keep us posted Babs.

  3. doris

    How many seasons can they make about someone with a rampaging terminal illness?

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