The wacky Wachowski’s

What an oddball project coming up from Larry & Lana Wachowski, formely known as the Wachowski Bros. That was before Larry allegedly had a sex change and became Lana.

The sibling’s debut film “Bound” was a terrific lesbian crime thriller. After that they made the huge box office blockbuster “Matrix Trilogy”. Then the unsuccessful mess “Speed Racer”. Now comes their next, “Cobalt Neural 9”. The movie deals with a taboo gay relationship between an American & Iraqi soldier. They sure do wacky films. It is surrounded in secrecy, with potential actors only receiving portions of the script, or no script at all!

Guess it is something interesting to look forward to?

Larry/Lana Wachowski

Speed Racer



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3 responses to “The wacky Wachowski’s

  1. Simon Coombs

    Speed Racer was anything but a mess: And I’m convinced in years to come it will be rediscovered to be the eye candy fun time classic it so rightly is.

  2. Karyn Russell

    Speed Racer was excellent! It was not a mess at all! It was everything it could have been and more. V for Vendetta was also great!!!

  3. Jim

    They need to re-release “Speed Racer” in 3-D. I agree it will be a bigger hit in the future.

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