Oh you beautiful doll.

Well here she is my beautiful Carol Burnett doll.

She is dressed in her famous costume from the very famous skit – Went With The Wind, from The Carol Burnett Show. In this parody of the movie Gone With The Wind, Carol appears at the top of the stairs as Scarlett O’Hara, wearing the famous dress made from the curtains. The brilliant costume designer Bob Mackie (a hero of mine) came up with the idea of keeping in the curtain rod. Sheer brilliance!

The original dress from the parody “Went With The Wind”.

Bob Mackie’s costume sketch

The dress that inspired the parody. Vivien Leigh in “Gone With The Wind”

Did you know?

Another Oscar winning Best Picture featured clothing made out of curtains.

Julie Andrews, in The Sound Of Music, made clothes for the Von Trapp children out of curtains that were being replaced.


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7 responses to “Oh you beautiful doll.

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  2. Anna

    oh my friggen god, GJ. That doll is NUTS! Plus, she is wearing my favourite costume from GWTW – when I was a kid I thought Scarlett was super resourceful for making that dress outta curtains in troubled times.

  3. Madam

    One of my faves

  4. crossett

    what a lovely doll

  5. Where…oh where…OH WHERE did you get this???

    • I bought it on sale at Myers department store in Sydney Australia a couple of years ago, for 50 bucks !!! a bargain and prized on top of my shelf 🙂

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