meet Sue’s mum

Great news for GLEE fans. In negotiations to guest star in the role of Sue Sylvester’s Nazi- hunting mum, none other than the legendary comedienne  Carol Burnett. What great casting. Let’s hope they ink the deal.  I am a huge fan of Carol Burnett, I even have a Carol Burnett doll.



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8 responses to “meet Sue’s mum

  1. Anna

    oh my god I LOVE her too – she is such a great alco in ANNIE. Ha! “We LOVE you Mrs Hannigan”.. AHA!

  2. Wanda

    Oh yes, please!!! Now all they need to do is bring Lucille Ball back from beyond…. Carol Burnett… Love her to pieces. Babs, have I ever played you my vinyl record: Julie (Andrews) and Carol at Carnegie Hall? A collector’s item. One day, if you will show me yours (the CB doll), I will play you mine…

  3. Madam

    Please show your fans a pic of your doll!

  4. oh my god you lot!!!!!!

  5. doris

    pics of doll a must.
    CB doesnt look old enough to be Sues mum!

  6. Carol Burnett aged 77
    Jane Lynch aged 50

  7. crossett

    oh that will be funny

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