“With One Look”: Stefanie Powers Is Norma Desmond in Ogunquit Playhouse’s Sunset Boulevard – Playbill.com


via “With One Look”: Stefanie Powers Is Norma Desmond in Ogunquit Playhouse’s Sunset Boulevard – Playbill.com.

Stefanie Powers, I feel will be perfect for the role of Norma Desmond, she IS Norma Desmond, if you think of her yesteryear television fame. Whether she can sing or not, she has the vanity to pull it off.

I have had first hand experience working with the FORMER TV siren.

I was a set dresser on a tv movie made in Sydney many years ago. It was a telemovie trying to cash in on the hit tv show which made her very famous. “Hart To Hart Down Under”. She starred alongside the actor Robert Wagner, known as RJ, and he was a gentleman. She was no gentlewoman. We received in a memo  “Miss Powers does not want to appear in scenes with flowers, she does not want the audience to be distracted by her inner beauty”. It was a tall order as there was a funeral scene in the movie, and a hotel lobby scene in which the chosen location demanded a central floral arrangement!  Well we were told that in the hotel lobby the flowers could only be white. And in the funeral scene, well they were funeral flowers, so they couldn’t possibly distract.

To put the project in perspective. In the final scene, after they had solved the crime. Miss Powers and Mr Wagner were shown attending an opera at the iconic Sydney Opera House, and in their hands, as they watched, was a Koala bear. Such a classy production. 🙂

So, Miss Powers, I hope you triumph in the role of the deluded Norma Desmond, art imitating life?

As a footnote, I mentioned that Robert Wagner was a true gentleman, and he was.

I recall that we went on a location survey at a jetty on the Nth Shore of Sydney. Years later I was working on a miniseries about the life of Natalie Wood, Mr Wagner’s former wife. Again I was at the same jetty looking at it for a location. Such a funny small world we live in.



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4 responses to ““With One Look”: Stefanie Powers Is Norma Desmond in Ogunquit Playhouse’s Sunset Boulevard – Playbill.com

  1. Madam

    Now that was a catty one Babs. Tell us more stories.. I know you have lots more juicy tit bits to share with all your readers!!

  2. betty

    Before you cut up Ms. Powers, (who happens to be a friend of mine), maybe you should realize that you spelled her first name incorrectly….And yes she was FABULOUS as Norma Desmond..

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