and the Emmy goes to……..Jane Lynch!

Last night I watched the 2nd last episode of the current season of the smash hit TV series, “Glee”. My friend Gary had recorded the final 2 episodes for me while I was away.  I had forgotten how great this show is, and how much I love it. I was about to go into the final episode but I wanted to save it for tonight. After last nights episode I’m sure it will be a blockbuster.

But let’s talk about the actress Jane Lynch. She plays the character Sue Sylvester, coach of the cheerleading squad, and  nemesis to the Glee club leader Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison – also great). What a wonderful performer she is. I have long been a fan of hers since I first saw her in the movie “Best In Show” as the dog trainer girlfriend of another  funny performer – Jennifer Coolidge. She was great as Julia Child’s sister in the movie Julia & Julia, and occasionally I have seen her play Charlie Sheen’s psychiatrist in the average comedy, “Two & A Half Men”, in this role she steals the show. But it is Glee that really shows her talent, her delivery of insults to each and everyone are hysterically funny. And on occasion she can show her soft vunerable side too. Last night’s little plot involving her possible attraction to Will, showcased her acting range  very well.

I say give her the Emmy, and give it to her now. She deserves to win and she had better, or else I will scream. She is nominated in the supporting actress in a comedy category, and also nominated for guest supporting in “Two & A Half Men”. I don’t want her to win that category, as the wonderful Kristen Chenoweth is nominated for her hysterical turn as April in “Glee”. Actually I want  Glee to win everything.

She has a lot of competition

Guest Actress in a comedy series


TINA FEY (Host) – Saturday Night Live

JANE LYNCH – Three & A Half Men

KATHRYN JOOSTEN – Desperate Housewives


BETTY WHITE (Host) – Saturday Night Live


Supporting Actress in a comedy series



KRISTEN WILG – Saturday Night Live

SOFIA VERGARA – Modern Family

JULIE BOWEN – Modern Family

HOLLAND TAYLOR – Three & A Half Men



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2 responses to “and the Emmy goes to……..Jane Lynch!

  1. Scheppo

    Agreed. I also love Modern Family though!!!

    • I love Modern Family as well. The 2 gay characters are hysterical, they have both been nominated. Both Modern Family & Glee are produced by Fox, that is why they have a bit of an edge. It will be Glee vs Modern Family at the Emmy awards.

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