Thor, the god of thunder

I am very excited about the upcoming comic book movie Thor.

Not because it is directed by Kenneth Branagh, although I have liked some of his directing attempts – Hamlet was great.

Not because it stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (Home & Away). I assume he looks good.

Not because it has a supporting cast featuring Sir Anthony Hopkins, he has been known to ham it up in these kind of roles.

Not because it is a comic book adaptation, do I look like a fanboy?

The reason I am excited is because the production designer is Bo Welch, nominated for 4 Oscars (The Colour Purple, A Little Princess, The Birdcage, Men In Black). He is also responsible for a few Tim Burton films, (Batman Returns, Beetlejuice & Edward Scissorhands). He has always been a favorite of mine. Just released is an image from the film, and it looks fab!

I know it seems silly, but lately all I seem to get out of movies like this is the design factor, even then it can be pretty lacklustre. I am sure Bo Welch won’t disappoint me. It does look promising and camp!


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  1. doris

    looks very theatrical…..

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