Casting news #1 – Janis

I am always fascinated with casting in both films and theatre. I would love the job of a casting director, and i think i would be good at it.

So as part of my regular posts I will report on casting rumours and news that intrigues me. You might have seen my earlier post on the Taylor/Burton proposed film.

The latest news I have stumbled across is for a proposed Janis Joplin biopic. There have been many rumours and proposed films in the past.

The most interesting was the talented actress Lili Taylor playing the songstress. I could see her giving a powerhouse performance, have no idea what became of the project. I was hoping for it to be made.

Of course one must remember the wonderful film acting debut of Bette Midler, “The Rose”, was inspired by the Joplin story – kind of.

So here it is, the talented actress Amy Adams (Junebug, Doubt) is going to be playing Janis, and it is to be directed by Fernando Meirelles (City Of God). It is a very interesting choice. I adore Amy Adams, she is a truly great actress, but this is not a goody goody, quirky role. I do hope she can pull it off.

Janis Joplin & Amy Adams

Lili Taylor


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One response to “Casting news #1 – Janis

  1. doris

    I reckon they should have gone for Lili Taylor- likeness will play a big part, as Janis was so recognizable……

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